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Satan and the Occult - by Bruce Pringle

Satan and the Occult
- Introduction

By Bruce Pringle

Satanism and the occult are reaching epidemic proportions in North America. Curiosity about the supernatural and rebellion against authority are drawing young people and adults into an apparent irreversible vortex of the demonic. One extremely frightened teenager, after a late night experience with evil spirit activity while playing with a Quija board reported:
I realize that Satan has power and will display it any chance he gets - even if I'm just fooling around. And I know that, even though I am a Christian and God is on my side, teasing and giving Satan a chance to reveal himself to me is SIN... Being a Christian does offer protection from Satan, but not if I willingly open the door to him. It certainly isn't a license to try to find out all I can about him.

John Wesley White in his book W W III, states that Satan is out for converts and the devil prefers followers who are successful. Pacts with Lucifer, in which individuals sell their souls to Satan, are reaching into the millions in all walks of life. Unbelievable as it may seem, a good number of those who sell out to Satan are in the top echelons of society.

This study will consider topics which relate to Satanism, occultism, demonism and other phenomena that have to do with Satan's influence on our modern world. As a counselor in private practice, this writer is confronted by clients who need assistance to be set free from the snares of occultism. Therefore, it is imperative that a thorough exploration of the topic be pursued.

This study of Satan and the occult has been one of the greatest research experiences ever pursued by this writer. The insights gained have already strengthened his own life, clarified some areas that were not clear and has given direction for counseling those suffering from the attacks of Satan and his demonic allies. Two verses which speak of the believer's victory and freedom in Christ are: If the Son therefore shall make you free", says Jesus, you shall be free indeed." John the beloved writes: "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."
Some operational definitions are given in the Appendix to aid the reader.

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Or Intro; The Origin of Satan and Demons; The Fall of Satan and Wicked Angels; The Nature of Satan and Demons; The Work of Satan and Demons; How Demons Enter; Magic or Occult Practices; Demon Oppression and Possession; Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?; Is Deliverance From Demons Possible?; Appendix - Operational Definitions;

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