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Let The Little People Speak

God Loves You - by Gilbert Sommert

Children do not always say what they think, but there are times when they do speak and adults need to listen to them. What are they saying to adults? Listen to them:

We children have come to you as a gift from God's hand - unspoiled. We are as clay in your hands. You help to shape and mould our lives. The word "kindergarten" comes from two words meaning "children" and "garden". We are children in your garden planted there by love, both your love and God's love. Please, oh please, don't leave us unattended in that garden. Support us with your care, with your concern, and your love. Don't let us grow up as untended fields so we get choked by the weeds around us. Cultivate us; discipline us, and love us!

We little people speak! Do hear us! Why do Father and Mother argue and quarrel? Why will Dad stay out so often and come home in a drunken stupor? I like going to church and Sunday School, but how come Mom and Dad stay home from church? Why do they tell me to learn about God in church, but they live six days a week as though there is no God? Mom and Dad so seldom talk about God at home. They pray so seldom and when they do pray their words seem so meaningless and so insincere.

I can't understand it at all; if I am to learn about God now, why don't Mom and Dad live as though there is a God? Looking at the way Mom and Dad live, the whole idea of God seems almost like a Santa Claus story. And yet, I am told in Sunday School and church that God is real, that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to save men from their sin. I wonder who really is right, the church or my parents? What made my parents lose their faith in God? They used to go to church when they were small.

The best way I learn to do things is by your example, Mother and Father. Please don't tell me to do things that you don't practise yourself. You tell me to be honest and not to tell lies, but sometimes you tell lies. Why Dad, you remember how you cheated on your income tax. I've heard Mother shade the truth so often.

You get me so confused at times by what you say is important and how you act.

Sure, I scrap with the other kids but I forgive as easily as I fight. I don't carry a grudge for weeks at a time like some adults do. If I learn about sex, let me learn from you, Mom and Dad, instead of the other kids at school or from the street. Be honest with me. You expect me to be honest with you.

Let the little people speak! They've got something to say to us adults. Listen to them; they are God's gift to you. Remember what Jesus said on one occasion,"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." Matthew 18:6.

You need to be a Christian, not only for your sake, but for the sake of your children and the generations that follow them. Your child is likely to follow your footsteps. Where will you lead him, toward heaven or hell?

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