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You Can Be Satisfied

God Loves You - by Gilbert Sommert

Perhaps you haven't been able to put it into words, but in your heart you long for something which is still missing. This sense of need comes to every person.

There is a vacancy in the human heart that can only be filled one way; God alone can fill that vacancy. When the human race was plunged into sin, man lost that vital contact with God. Sin has had its grip on every heart, and this sin can only be uprooted through the forgiving and cleansing power of the blood of Jesus Christ. We may rid ourselves of some of the fruits of sin, but the sin itself can only be destroyed by the power of God. Only God can fully forgive us our sin and replace the heart of sin with a heart filled with the love of God.

When someone really wants to be freed from sin and he comes to God with this hunger, God not only forgives but He also gives us a new love. When God's love enters our lives it causes within us the desire to please Him. So the longing in man's heart exists for the same kind of fellowship that Adam had with God in the beginning of time.

Now you can have that inward desire for fellowship with God satisfied. In your heart you realize that you need to talk to God. You need to share with Him your innnermost feelings, your deep desires. So go ahead! Be honest with yourself. Tell God simply and sincerely that you know you need Him. You can't live without Him. Just tell God, "Lord, you know that I need you and really, Lord, I want to live for you. I want to live your way."

Before I was in my teens I caught a lot of fish and I realized that if those fish were out of the water only a few hours they would die. A fish is made to live in water. Likewise, man is made to live for God and in harmony with God's will. No person can really be content while opposing God. We need to be in harmony with His will. Outside of that will we remain frustrated and do ourselves and others untold damage, as well as grieve the heart of God who loves us and desires our commitment.

You can be satisfied. This is why Jesus came. He came to bring all men into a satisfying relationship with God. But that satisfying experience doesn't come automatically. It comes only when we meet God's conditions. And just what are His conditions? Basically, it is to repent of sin, to ask God to forgive us, and to personally ask Jesus Christ to come into our hearts by faith to be our Lord and Master. There is no short cut to a contented life. It comes through commitment to God, and a surrender to Jesus Christ. But you can have it. The peace of God is actually a gift that God gives to every person who accepts the Saviour. You cannot earn this peace; it does not come through inheritance, nor through our own efforts; it is the gift of God.

Jesus said, "My peace I give unto you." I know that this peace can be yours if you want it. But the price for it is commitment of your whole self to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Someone who had observed the life of a radiant Christian said, "I would give all that I had, if only I had the same contentment which you have." The Christian replied, "My friend, this is what I gave, all that I have." It is by giving ourselves to Jesus Christ that we receive what we really long for most. God will not disappoint you. You can be satisfied.

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