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Proudly Canadian
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Evangelism, or Gospel Tracts with Good News

See more detailed prices/shipping notes.

No offense intended to our American friends, however, we must adjust shipping fees to USA destinations due to rising postal costs. When you have made your order selection, please stop to telephone our office for a more exact postal shipping fee. It will more likely be to your advantage, (better than if we round up the base prices to cover all contingencies). Call 306-244-0446 between 9:30 am. to 5:00 pm. CST. (UTC/GMT -6), or request information through the Order Form (choose 'Tract Orders' on drop-down menu on the form).

Postage to countries outside of North America is very expense. We will only fill orders if you are prepared to cover the costs.

4 Ways to Purchase Tracts:
1. Call us to place Visa/Mastercard orders over the phone. 306-244-0446.

2. Click PayPal Buttons on each tract's page to add to cart and order online. Minimum order of 100 tracts applies. Canadians pay price indicated. Americans - If not phoning us, please double price.

3. Write us, listing the tracts and quantities you wish to order. Include payment, or we can discuss shipping by email.

4. Select/purchase tracts in person during office business hours, 9 am to 5 pm.

Here are two free e-booklets. Click on the titles to start the download.
The Choice is Yours(e-booklet download link)
The Choice is Yours (about it)

Someone is Calling You (e-booklet download link)
Someone is Calling You (about it)

30th Street Station
Are You a Christian? OUT OF PRINT
Are You Insured? or - the printer-ready PDF edition
The Blood of Jesus Christ OUT OF PRINT or - the printer-ready PDF edition
The Cross of Christ OUT OF PRINT or - the printer-ready PDF edition
Come Unto Me (poster) OUT OF PRINT
Corporate Forgiveness OUT OF PRINT
Devil's Number 1 Angel, The
Free Ticket (Card) OUT OF PRINT
God Chose to Send Jesus OUT OF PRINT
God Loves You (10 chapter booklet online).
Guideline to Heaven, A OUT OF PRINT
How to Get Victory Over Fear OUT OF PRINT
      - or the printer-ready Praise over Fear=VICTORY OUT OF PRINT
He Made Me a New Person ~ or the Printer-ready PDF [updated]
I Cannot Get Away from God! OUT OF PRINT
I Thought I was a Good Person
Key to Heaven (ticket) OUT OF PRINT
Knife Point OUT OF PRINT
Priest Who Found Christ, The OUT OF PRINT
There is an Answer to Depression OUT OF PRINT
There is an Answer to Low Self-Esteem OUT OF PRINT
There is an Answer to Suicide OUT OF PRINT
Touch of the Master's Hand, The - or the printer-ready PDF edition
Two Roads to Eternity OUT OF PRINT or the printer-ready PDF edition.
Truth Shall Set You FREE, The OUT OF PRINT
What About You? OUT OF PRINT
What Do You See?(2 optical illusion cards) OUT OF PRINT
What to Do When All True Christians DISSAPPEAR! -
      Printer-ready PDF
What Then? - OUT OF PRINT Printer-ready PDF
What do you have to do to go to Hell? -OUT OF PRINT Printer-ready PDF
Which Church Saves? OUT OF PRINT
Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life, The ~ Printer-ready PDF
You Are a Very Important Person ~ [updated] Printer-ready PDF OUT OF PRINT

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