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The Devil's Number 1 Angel

The Devil's Number 1 Angel

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as told by Barney Lacendre

Prior to 1960, Barney Lacendre was a witch doctor.

"Now I belong to the family of God - to the church of God - I really belong to the church of God."

To Barney this was an astonishing fact, that the great God of Heaven would come down and make Himself known to Barney and make him God's own child.

In his younger years he used to live a very worldly life.

"In fact I was one of the devil's number one angels. I have worked myself right up to the gate of hell itself. In my younger days there was nobody to tell me anything about the Gospel and about the love of God."

"My father-in-law was a witch doctor," said Barney. "I was very interested in all the things he could do."

Barney shifted his 260 pounds on the chair and cleared his throat. "You know, he worshipped many things: the sun, moon, stars and trees, but especially animals."

After observing his father-in-law for three years Barney decided that he would also like to become a witch docor. It was during this time that a robin and a horse appeared to him in a dream. They talked to Barney and he knew he was in favour with them.

"It was real," Barney said, "just as real as when I'm sitting here talking to you. It was different than any other kind of dream." In the dream, Barney told them that he would worship them.

Every year he put an offering of tobacco, cheap jewellery or a ribbon in a tree. Though the offering stayed in the tree it was believed that the spirit of the offering departed into the spirit world.

"If I would see or hear a robin before I went out hunting," Barney remarked, "I would know I would be successful in hunting. If there was no robin around I would have no success. This was always true."

In the winter time the robin or horse would always appear in dreams.

Barney's father-in-law taught him many things about roots, bark and plants. He learned that certain roots would help various diseases.

"Some medicine you buy from the store is made from root compounds today," added Barney, quoting Genesis 1:29, "And God said. 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree.'"

Many sick people came to Barney when he was a witch doctor and he would find the right kind of roots for them.

"When I became a Christian I gave up worshipping spirits and performing witchcraft, but I still think that certain roots are good medicine now."

Some years later a man came to Barney with a new rifle, a blanket and some fruit.

"Here," said the man, offering them to Barney, "These are yours, if you will do some witchcraft so I can catch a moose."

"No," said Barney refusing the gifts, "I'm serving the Lord Jesus now. I don't do witchcraft anymore."

God finally got hold of Barney one day. Another witch doctor had put a curse on Barney and his trap line. He could not get meat and his traps were being sprung with no sign of tracks around them and nothing in them. He was getting desperate as he had no food in the shack and only $6.00 in his pocket. He was a drunkard at the time and no one would give him any credit. They were afraid he would not pay them back. God sent one of His missionaries to Barney's cabin. Barney wanted to take his traps to a witch doctor with some powerful spirits. Marshall Calverly told him to leave the traps at home and on the next Sunday he and his son would come to the cabin and pray over the traps.

"Marshall prayed over the traps that Sunday," related Barney. "I could feel that there was power in his God. I took my traps out and set them again. Once more I had good success. However, I still could not get any meat. Later Marshall told me to take my shells in my hand and ask God to cover them with the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, to break the power of the spirits. I did this and within two hours had shot and gutted two moose."

"I used to lay awake at night thinking about how powerful Marshall's God was. Finally, one night I got out of bed and knelt down beside my bed. I put my hand up and asked God to put His hand in mine and I promised Him to live a godly life from then on."

"Since I have learned about the Word of God, I have been speaking and preaching the gospel to my own people. I have preached to Cree people in four provinces now."

One woman was telling him that to listen to the English Gospel programs over the radio was like a dream. They listened but do not fully understand. But when Barney preached to them in Cree as he often did they understood clearly.

"One time I was asked to go to the hospital and visit an Indian lady. The doctor said she might only live about one more day. She was too weak to talk. She just moved her eyes."

"I prayed and asked God to spare her so I could preach the Gospel to her. I was going away and would not be back for four days. When I came back I went to see the lady. She looked good and took my hands in both of hers."

"Your prayer is powerful," she said to me.

That day Barney preached the gospel to her.

"A week later," said Barney, "she was sitting by her bed sewing. I preached the Gospel to her again and she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her Saviour."

Two weeks later she passed away.

"It was wonderful how the Lord spared her life so she was able to believe in Jesus," finished Barney, wiping his eyes.

In 1960 Barney believed in Jesus Christ and accepted Him as His Saviour. Since that time he has lived a Godly life.

From the devil's number one angel to being a child of God!

Barney Lacendre made that step.

You may too.

Order this tract now, at $20.00/100 copies (or 200 for $40.00, 500 for $100.00, etc.
- includes shipping)
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