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Get Others

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Get Others (Acrostic: GO)


demands action - Get Others.
There are three types of Christians:

1. Some get saved and that is the last you hear of them. A young Christian on leave from the army was asked "How are you getting along as a Christian?" His answer, "Oh fine, nobody knows yet."

2. Some Christians run from one revival meeting to another and are always talking about their latest experience with the Lord and claim to be especially endowed of the Spirit to do something spectacular but never get down to the everyday business of witnessing to the unsaved. A man giving a testimony was running on and on as to what he aimed to do. Finally the chairman reached over, gave his coat tail a pull and exclaimed, "Brother, you have aimed long enough, why don't you fire?"

3. The third kind is steadfast and faithful and is described in 1 Cor. 15:58: "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

YE This makes the command personal. Salvation is personal and of your own free will. God wills that all should be saved, man wills to accept or reject. He speaks to us also personally for service, YE. God spoke to a girl about missionary service in India. Her mother persuaded her not to go so she turned Him down to marry an unsaved man. Some time later she arrived in India as this man's wife. He was an official in a tobacco company and was posted to India.

INTO speaks of open doors that invite entry. Open doors are everywhere for the spreading of the gospel but they swing idly open if not entered. ALL THE WORLD - All means wholly, entirely and completely. The - is specific and world means people everywhere. If 3000 souls were reached per day in China it would take 400 years to reach all the Chinese and by that time the first ones would be dead 3 - 1/2 centuries.

PREACH To proclaim or publish - To deliver as a sermon. The word preach is associated with sacredness and things of the spirit. A politician does not preach - a lecturer does not preach, only you giving forth the Word of God - preach.

THE GOSPEL is good news, concerning Christ. Not just any good news, but a specific good news, about the Son of God come down to earth. He left Glory for us. His earthly ministry was necessarily short but the events that took place in the space of a third of a century, has rocked kingdoms and altered the course of nations; brought drunkards up from the gutter and humbled the self righteous.

TO We speak of going - to - something. To the store, to school, to work, to the field or a garden - emphasizing motion forward (not backward) to an object in view.

EVERY CREATURE Every - each one of a whole number separately considered. Thus the gospel is for the individual. Individual contacts are important. Western tract Mission's plan for mailing tracts directly into the homes of unsaved is a form of personal evangelism. The word creature implies this thought, for one of its meanings is, One dependent on the influence of another. Thus every unsaved person in the world is dependent upon some one else (whether he realizes it or not) to influence him toward the Gospel.

Having realized from the above remarks, that this command is for you, will you now obey the command? Won't you write to WTM for lists of names and tracts so that you can begin a worthwhile ministry? You may say, "Oh! What is the use; tracts are only thrown away and there are so few results." Would you dismiss your preacher when he preaches his heart out and so few are saved? Do farmers stop sowing grain when often there is a crop failure? Let's be reasonable about this and accept our responsibility. May we serve out of a heart full of love and gratefulness for our Master and a real heart concern for the unsaved.


Tracts can go anywhere! WTM tracts have been picked out of the ditch to bring salvation to someone. A tract handed to a girl at an Exhibition was the means of her salvation. This news came back to the distributor two years after it happened. We have no valid reason for becoming discouraged in literature work, for God has promised that His Word will not return void". Some may say that they see so few people, how can they use tracts? Thousands of tracts have gone out through the mail in the hands of W.T.M. missionaries. You can literally witness to hundreds, yes thousands right from your own home. WTM will be glad to send you information. Simply drop a line of inquiry to the address below.

Order this tract now, at $10.00/100 copies (or 200 for $20.00, 500 for $50.00, etc.)
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