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Ken's Halloween Secret

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Ken's Halloween Secret

Ken Robertson felt sick as he followed his father into the school. The principal, Mr. Demstir, had phoned to say there had been some trouble on Halloween night and that Ken's name was involved. Ken knew there was a mistake, but would he have to tell them what he had been doing on Halloween night? Ken hoped not. His dad was already unhappy with him.

Ken's father was one of the best air force pilots in Canada. The trouble was he wanted Ken to be a pilot some day too, but Ken wasn't interested in planes.

Lately, Ken had been trying hard to please his father. Now this had to happen? "If Dad finds out what I did on Halloween, he will think I'm just a sissy."

As they entered the school room Ken stared in surprise. What were Al and his gang doing here, and all the parents? Panic rose up inside Ken. "Dear Jesus, please help me," Ken prayed. "Don't let Dad be ashamed of me."

"What's the trouble Mr. Demstir?" asked Mr. Robertson as he sat down.

"On Halloween night," the principal explained, "Al and his pals took treats from some of the smaller children. Many of the children were scared. Their parents reported it to me.

All four boys have admitted to this mean act, but they say Ken was with them. Ken, is that right?"

Ken's knees felt wobbly as he stood up. "No, Sir!" he answered. "They asked me to go with them, but I told them that I had something else to do."

"If you weren't with them, Ken, tell us what you were doing," Mr. Demstir said.

"I went down the street to t-t-take something to Jenny Small." Ken stammered. He sat down quickly and felt his ears burn as he heard Al snicker.

"Mr. Demstir," a father said. "I know Ken. And I'd take his word against a whole room full of boys. My little girl Betty was nearly knocked down by a bully on his bike. Ken grabbed her out of the way just in time. He is one boy that is always kind to the children. He wouldn't take their candy."

"That's true," a woman put in quickly. "Last spring when my Billy had the measles, Ken brought him a lot of little carved animals to play with. A boy that makes toys for sick kids wouldn't turn around and steal their Halloween candy."

"Thank you," said the principal. Turning to the four boys he continued, "Now, fellows which will it be? I can phone Mrs. Small and confirm what Ken said or you can tell us the truth."

The three boys looked at Al. He didn't say anything. Suddenly, Joey blurted out, "Aw, Ken wasn't with us at all. Al just told us to say that because of the doll bed."

"The doll bed?" Mr. Demstir looked puzzled.

"Yes," Joey said. "We looked in Ken's window and saw him making a doll bed. When he left, we followed him. He took it to Jenny Small. Al told us we'd find a good time to tease Ken. Then tonight Al told us to say that Ken was with us on Halloween night. Al said we'd be safe 'cause Ken wouldn't want to tell that he delivered a doll bed that night. Al says Ken is a sissy-- because he won't do mean things and he tells the kids that he loves Jesus. I'm real sorry I lied about Ken and I'm sorry I took the candy from the little kids too."

"Spoken like a man, Joey," Mr. Demstir said kindly. Then he smiled at Ken. "Well, Ken, your name has been cleared. We won't detain you and your father any longer. But remember, Ken, that making a toy for a little crippled girl isn't anything to be ashamed of, no matter what the toy is."

As Ken and his dad rose to leave, the principal said, "You have a son to be proud of, Mr. Robertson."

"I am proud of him," Mr. Robertson answered quietly.

Ken felt in a daze as he followed his father out into the night air.

"I owe you an apology, Ken," his father began. "I guess I just didn't want you to be you. I wanted you to like planes and be a pilot, too. That was foolish of me. However, I'd rather have a son who is known for his Christian stand and his kindness to children, than be the father of the greatest pilot in the world."

"Wow! Dad, thanks." Ken answered, "Thanks a lot." Ken was happy to know that his father was not ashamed of him.

Boys and girls, do you sometimes do things that would make your parents ashamed of you if they knew about it? Or do you do things that bring shame on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ? The Bible says, "Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right" (Proverbs 20:11).

How can we keep on doing things that are pure and right? God tells us how in Psalms 119:9 which says, "How can a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to Your Word." If we read and obey God's Word, the Bible, it will keep us from sin.

If you are not a Christian, you can accept the Lord Jesus as Your Saviour right now. Pray like this, "Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sins. Thank You for dying on the cross for me. I ask You to come into my life and be my Saviour and Lord."

-- Written by Edna Menzies (Revised)

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