proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian
Western Tract Mission - logo Western tract Mission, Inc., has a new name - Impact Canada Ministries Inc.
This site will remain here; but you are welcome
to visit our new site as it grows!

We thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Service Opportunities with Impact Canada Ministries, Inc.

(Note: the items below would now apply to
Impact Canada Ministries Inc. our new name)

If you are a person of evangelical faith, you may become a member of the Mission provided you;

have personally accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord

show in your life the fruit of the Spirit and a sincere desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

have duly signed a Membership Application Form containing the Mission's Doctrinal statement. (Impact Canada Ministries is NOT now a membership organization).

are admitted by the Board of Directors.

Membership entitles you to vote at the annual business meeting. Being a member of the Mission will be a source of encouragement to you as you faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer is the primary work of the Christian!

Please pray for:

the thousands of unsaved individuals reached with literature every month and those distributing tracts.

the teachers and graders in the Bible Correspondence Department

believers to see the importance of literature and to begin to use it

your missionary staff, leaders, directors, and volunteers

workers to come along side to help

the provision of finances for operating costs, paper, printing costs and staff allowances.

The ministries of Western Tract Mission are maintained by the donations of God's people. Near the end of each year, we send out an appeal letter. The Mission also makes direct appeals for funds through "Emergency Measure Volunteer" (EMV) letters. The guidelines for this program are:

you must request to be part of this program

only four appeals for funds can be made in any one year to those on the EMV list

each EMVer responds with a gift of at least $1.00.

The Mission issues tax deductible receipts to Canadian donors at the end of each month.

If you are an American donor and want tax deductible receipts, you must send your contributions directly to:

The D. M. Stearns Missionary Fund Inc.
Western Tract Account
P.O. Box 1578
North Wales, PA
U.S.A. 19454

...with a note requesting that the proceeds be granted by the Missionary Fund to Impact Canada Ministries Inc. (Please indicate if it is for a particular project, or staff of Impact Canada Ministries Inc). Checks or money orders must be made out to D. M. Sterns Missionary Fund Inc. They will issue you a tax deductive receipt.

The missionary staff receive a salary that is dependent upon the gifts of individual supporters. The staff stay in contact with the support teams through prayer letters and personal visits.

We encourage Christians to include the Mission in their estate planning. Also, you should have a current will. Investigate life insurance as a long term means of supporting Christian missions. Often times proper planning will save you tax dollars and increase your giving to the Lord's work.

ICM has a Memorial Plan whereby your gift to ICM in memory of a deceased individual is used in the production and distribution of literature. A sympathy card is mailed to the family on your behalf. If you are interested in this idea, please write for a copy of the Memorial Plan.

Our Board is reviewing our ministries strategy and expect to have new things to announce over the next few months as we transition into methods that are suitable to this new day and demographic of a younger generation.

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