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Issue 2015 #4

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SLM Canada Takes Over
the Mailbox Club

Penny and Joe

The Mailbox Club, part of Western Tract Mission since 1974, has now been turned over to Source of Light Ministries Canada. All mailbox club lessons are brought here from the Source of Light Ministries International headquarters in Madison, Georgia, USA. Joe and Penny Homontowski are passionate about the Mailbox Club and are happy to take over this ministry.

They are now operating the Mailbox Club out of their home on 23rd St., Saskatoon. Penny Homontowski has been the director of The Mailbox Club for the past 10 years. Penny was also involved in the Mailbox Club ministry while she and Joe lived at the headquarters in Madison, Georgia.

There have been 15 salvations so far this year through the Mailbox Club. Also, there are many being discipled and grounded in the Word of God.

Penny in home club office Penny standing in home office


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