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Issue 2015 #4

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Our Day of Prayer on Saturday

Day of Prayer attendees

Seventeen of us sat around tables with a copy of the new Day of Prayer booklet in front of each of us on November 7th.

Jenni Schellenberg, Board member, led the meeting by reading Hebrews 4:14, and asked Joe Homontowski to lead us in singing. We began with He Leadeth Me.

Charles Giede, age 24, shared his testimony. He was born in Haiti and adopted from an orphanage at a very young age, and brought to Canada.

His foster parents were Christians and brought him up in the church and Sunday School. He wanted to be baptized at one point because a friend was doing it, but was held back. Charles testimony Coming to Saskatoon in 2005 he drifted to worldly desires, but an older sister who was godly spoke truth into his life. Upon reading the parables of the lost sheep and coin, one day, he recognized his need before the Lord, and became a Believer. Charles is grateful for Christian friends who walk with him and teach him.

Arnold handed out long service award rosette ribbons to Anna Kroeker, (15 years) Penny Homontowski (10 years), and Judy Petlikau (10 years). Also he handed cards of appreciation to a number of people who had raised funds for the Walkathon.

Jenni then moved to our prayer agenda, asking individuals to read their reports, and others to pray for them. This worked so efficiently that by noon, when our pizzas arrived; we had covered and prayed for all the reports.

After lunch Wayne Senger was asked to report on his missions trip to Mexico. (Jenni held up his photo album as he told his stories). Then we prayed for him and the work accomplished there.

Wayne Senger Reporting

We also prayed for Personal Prayer Requests. However, this turned out to be for general concerns, such as for the great need for Revival in our hearts and churches, the refugees coming into Canada, specific missionaries, and some brothers facing health issues.


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