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Issue 2015 #4

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Chairman's Report -
by Michael Ruten

It has been quite the year for Impact Canada Ministries, and it is my privilege to report to you as the board chairman, though I never could have guessed I would be doing so a year ago. Since joining the board two years ago I, along with the other "young members", knew that some changes were needed, though we didn't know what that all implied. Indeed we still don't, but it's been incredible to see how God has gone ahead of us and led us each step of the way.

This really started happening in a big way this past July, where almost without warning I was given a lot of enthusiasm for ICM as well as clear direction to the start of the changes that were needed. This led to several meetings, both official and unofficial, that resulted in myself being made chairman and the establishment of an executive committee. We decided that a year of transition was needed to start ICM on the path to implementing changes to help us impact Canada in our generation more effectively. The purpose of the executive committee (which consists of myself, Kurt Schellenberg and Arnold Stobbe) was to implement this year of transition with the boards' approval, but in a more efficient manner.

Our main goals are to phase out and hand off many of the current activities that we are doing as a mission to more suited ministries. This includes: giving the mailbox club to SLM Canada, transitioning the Enrichment Course to a similar program run by SLM USA, developing a new website, getting a new building, and more. It is a difficult thing to communicate as one could justifiably wonder if we are replacing these activities with something new, or just simply getting rid of them. We are definitely planning on starting many new endeavors; but not immediately.

Our main focus for this Fall/Winter is to establish a clear vision and purpose for the ICM moving forward. I believe strongly that once this is in place, the specific activities/programs/initiatives will follow. We don't know exactly what it will look like, but I am certain that we will be carrying on the original work of the mission when it started almost 75 years ago. That is: to mobilize Canadians to be active and effective witnesses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I look forward with great anticipation as God continues to lead us each step of the way in accomplishing the good works that He has prepared in advance for us.

Michael Ruten


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