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Issue 2015 #2

Table of Contents:

Tract Review: Infertility & Childlessness

Infertility/childlessness tract

This is a case of a testimony turning into a tract.

Phyllis, born in the USA, was always known as the Little Mother as she loved babies and children. She looked forward to marriage and a family. It didn't seem to come to her.

At 27 she took a city nursing job hoping to prepare for missionary work. There she met Dan Moulton. He was planning to be a missionary with NCEM in northern Canada, in aviation mechanics.

They married in 1983 and moved to Canada in 1985. They were eager to start a family. Phyllis was already 30, but this is when they began a long and difficult journey.

Through it all, Phyllis clung to the Lord, and has learned to trust and wait on Him, despite the heart-wrenching disappointments of miscarriages and infertility, even the pain of watching other happy families. Phyllis has learned to enjoy the campers when she served at the camp kitchens, and babysat for other missionaries. She found comfort in God's promise of Psalm 113:09 of spiritual children.

This particular testimony can bless other women and their husbands who are going through similar experiences, and need to be reassured of God's wise love and grace.

Originally, this was a testimony in the Hope section of our website, but in communicating with Phyllis recently we realized that it was time to turn her testimony into a tract/ brochure.

It is available from our office for .10 a copy.

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