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Issue 2015 #2

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Blue Collar Harmony Boys in concert

Music/Dessert Night with Harmony Boys

The Saturday night between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we had our Music/Dessert fund-raiser at Rock of Ages Church, using their gym. The Blue Collar Harmony Boys from MacGregor, MB., were our singing guests.

Good turnout for our Music/Dessert Night The timing over Easter weekend made some of us nervous but we had a great turnout. In fact, we had visitors who had never been to one of our fund-raisers before, and some faithful friends brought visiting family members with them.

Kurt Schellenberg, a Board member, was the M.C.

After the Harmony Boys' first music package, the Harbidge video presentation was shown by Joe Homontowski. Rick and Beryl were unable to be present this year, but we were able to see photos of a number of the people they minister to as they work in Ethnic ministries.

Penny Homontowski, volunteer Director of our Mailbox Club, read some interesting testimonies from students.

Arnold Stobbe gave an update on the Impact Canada mailings and the plans to finish Nova Scotia this year.

Ruth Friesen explained about not abandoning our large old website of about 2000 pages, which is still doing good work, but adding a new one,

Priscilla McCormick shared about her work in the office, and the opportunities for one-on-one ministry that happens when people walk in the door.

An offering was received for the next mailing this fall, of the booklet, There is Hope. We need $30,000 to complete a contract we have with Canada Post. $5,180 came in from this event, so some more money will need to be raised.

Then the Harmony Boys had another package of good hymns in their special style that went over so well with the audience. They also had their first CD available for sale.

Esther's Fruit Pizza Stan Dirks, starting with the desserts

After the program everyone was invited to indulge in some lovely desserts provided by the Board members, and some volunteers.

Young Doerksen families

It was special to see the musical quartet and their keyboard player, Josh, bring their wives and children. Someone suggested that we should ask to take photos of them all. We think you might enjoy this as well.

See the news release to read which babies belong to whom; Celebrating Our Name Change

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