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Issue 2015 #2

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Mail Tray Readings....

The boys are very happy to have Mailbox Club lessons again. Thank you for sending my lessons constantly. They've helped and encouraged me. One of the last lessons in Best Friends talks about memorizing Bible verses and reading the Bible every day and obeying it. I have now started obeying and reading the Bible every day. I memorize Bible verses by writing them down on paper and taping them to my bedroom wall. I review them every morning. But of course the devil doesn't like me doing these things. He tries to discourage me often. I need your help. Will you pray for me?

Yours truly, Isabella R.

This happened May 1, 2012. In my lesson it had asked if I was already saved and I had said yes so I want to tell you more about it. I have heard so many different experiences from friends and relatives. I was listening to a story on cassette tape about how Jesus had the last supper and how He was crucified. The story was so detailed and it had sound effects and after I was finished listening to the story I thought about what Jesus went through for me and for everybody. He went on the cross, what a cruel and terrible death. I actually went down on my knees and I cried and cried and then I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I was sorry for everything that I had done, wrong things in the past. I kept crying and all of a sudden I had this feeling that came over me and was such a good feeling like I had been washed clean with the blood of Jesus Christ. I was so happy and I wanted to tell others about Him after that. He said to His disciples go out and spread the "gospel" and we can do that today. If we will believe we will have a clean and pure heart and I want so many others to be saved also. Please share this letter with others. Once you give your heart to Jesus you can read His word and share it with others. He wants us to come to Him, broken-hearted because when we suffer or if we go through something that's when we need Him the most. I encourage you all to give your heart to Him!

In Christ, Rebecca W.

Thank you so much for the pretty birthday card. I really like it. I love doing the Mailbox Club papers but sometimes I forget about them or where they are. Also thank you for the beautiful picture of a deer that I got. It's beautiful. I love the Mailbox Club lots!

Sincerely, Jenny F.

I am sending in my answer lesson sheet. There certainly is a lot to learn in these lessons. They are very valuable to me. It's great to know that we don't have to remain in our sinful state or work our way to heaven. I'm glad Jesus died for me personally, aren't you?

Love & prayers, Laura P.

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