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Issue 2014 #3

Table of Contents:

Tract Reviews: Praise Overcomes Fear

How to Have Victory Over Fear

Lois Millsap, one of our Board members, wrote up her testimony about how God has helped her overcome shyness and fears. As our Tract Committee read this, we felt that there might actually be two tracts in that material.

One tract could focus more on her testimony, but use it as a springboard to teach others - and there are many others - including Christians, who are often incapacitated from living a victorious, cheerful life. Satan has whispered lies to them that they have believed and accepted. The chains may not be visible, but the bondage is real.

The second tract could give the same message, but in a simpler format so it could be read and understood by a younger group of readers, teens, and even some children.

Are You Afraid? These two new tracts are in print now and ready for you to order and read and pass on to others.

There may be times when you are too hesitant, even shy, or fearful, to just hand out gospel tracts to friends and strangers. But if you observe that they have difficulty feeling comfortable among others, and hang back, or talk in an angry and fearful way, you need only comment that you have a little leaflet (or tract) that talks about how to overcome fears, and have real peace and joy in life.

Naturally, like all our tracts, the gospel message is woven in, too, and before the reader gets to the last line, a call is issued to receive Christ as his Saviour. Handing out these tracts with discernment can make you a more effective witness.

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