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Issue 2014 #3

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Almost all the staff, volunteers and Board members presenst

Our Calendar for 2015

The first printing of our calendar for 2015 is ready.

We have been reviewing at our Board meetings just why we are here. What is our purpose, our vision? We have agreed that we are about doing evangelism and discipleship.

Since we are not your average mission organization, just how do we DO Evangelism and Discipleship?

This question raised the idea of a calendar for 2015 that would illustrate in practical scenes - with real WTM workers - how we see ourselves carrying out the Great Commission.

Not everyone got into a monthly photo, but we have chosen some to represent the others in each of the main aspects of our ministries. Our biggest project is Impact Canada, whereby we mail a gospel booklet, There is Hope, with five true testimonies, a children's feature and a call to action, to every home - as we work our way across Canada, postal code by postal code. That's evangelism.

We also publish tracts - so that you and others have resources for your witnessing, as well as for our mission. Evangelism, again.

Our Mailbox Club does the discipleship work as we try to get seekers, and anyone interested, to take our Bible correspondence courses. This is where the most salvation decisions and discipleship take place.

Katie Barth grades the mail-in lessons for the Enrichment courses. We have several volunteers working towards putting the Enrichment Bible courses (formerly, a Bible school's correspondence school) on our website for a wider service - with more in-depth discipleship and teaching.

Our Scripture Signs department prepares Bible verses over attractive photos, and produces the calendar, as a way to get God's Word on walls where people can read - and be blessed or convicted, as needed.

We hope this calendar will remind you to pray for us often! Especially, as you see us in our regular work positions. The cover has a group shot with most of our staff and Board members on it.

You may order calendars at $15/each starting immediately.

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