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Issue 2014 #3

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Jesus' Promises:
I Will Ask the Father

"And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper,
that He may abide with you forever."
John 14:16.

Beryl Harbidge

Have you ever desired to have easy access to someone who's very intelligent, who actually cares about you and who could always give you just the right counsel or direction when you need it? I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father has provided us with that kind of Helper, through the Holy Spirit! Because he is so wise and caring and able to always give us just the right kind of help that we need, we can trust Him to do it in the best way possible - is way - when we ask the Father.

I had an experience of this that encouraged me once again in how detailed our Father is in answering my specific prayer when I needed His direction, through His Spirit. We had hired a young Hutterite lady to wash down our log walls and railings. During this process, I took down our living room curtains to wash as I had many times before. This time, they came out of the washer in shreds, creating an unplanned and added expense. I hired this same Hutterite lady to sew curtains for our house's real estate showing taking place in just a few days. This turned out to be more complicated than she expected as she had to create a pattern, causing her to take more time on this project. She said we would just have to pay her what we could afford but I had no idea what would be a fair price. Immediately, I asked the Father to specifically show me the amount I should pay her.

Days later, the new curtains hung in place just in time for the showing. We were gone for a short time, leaving the door unlocked for the realtor and people to come and go. On our return, we noticed an envelope with our name on it as we entered, with a monetary gift inside. With this Hutterite lady on our minds who needed to be paid, we knew this was God's direct answer to my prayer of what we should give her! The answer couldn't have been any clearer so we just started praising Him right away for both His direction and provision! The Helper guides us into all truth, helping us in the big and little details of our lives. I hope to always remember to ask the Father who abides with me forever and promises to give me the help I need.

- Beryl Harbidge

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