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Issue 2013 #4

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Tract Review: The Cross of Christ

Tract - Cross of Christ

Last year we published a new tract by Donald David called, The Blood of Jesus Christ. He did a great job of describing why the blood of Christ is so vital and important to our salvation and faith. This year Don has written another tract of that nature. It is called, The Cross of Christ, and it is an excellent summary of what the cross really means. It's not the cross itself that saves us, but for all of Christianity it sums up in one simple symbol the finished work of our dear Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary.

Mr. David uses key Scriptures and historical references to show what God says, and what people have thought of that cross through the ages, (for it was the instrument of a cruel death to criminals), yet it stands the tests of time and the mockery of fools, and attacks of Satan all through history.

The cross reminds us of many eternal truths; such as Jesus' victory over sin and death, that it is the place of forgiveness for sins, that we first experience God's love at the foot of the cross, and it is from that point that we start to grow in the image of Christ. The cross also reminds us that we have to leave the world behind when we choose to follow Jesus Christ. We must die to self and live in the power of His resurrection!

For those of us who are already believers, the very mention of the Cross of Christ makes us think of that major turning point where our burdens of sin - as John Bunyan described in Pilgrim's Progress - rolled away from us, and we experienced the wonder and glory of realizing that Jesus died on that cross for us personally.

This new tract by Don David does an admirable job of telling unbelievers of the cross and what it means. Hopefully people who read this tract will gain a desire to learn more of the cross and encounter Jesus for their own salvation and transformation.

This is not a Christmas tract, but you might order some to include in your Christmas cards this year or give to people who are open to learning about the Cross of Christ.

- Ruth Marlene Friesen

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