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Issue 2013 #4

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Stan's Testimony
of Redeeming Grace

There were complications when I was a few months old. The doctors gave me a 50/50 chance of surviving the night. With God's grace I received it. PTL.

God's redeeming grace appeared to me, when at age nine at a Bible camp, I was given an understanding of Jesus and His forgiveness and His gift of eternal life.

I had kept a missing 'one dollar bill' that someone had lost. I thought, I found it, and it was mine to keep. My cabin counselor sensed that I might have the one dollar bill; then I confessed I had it. We prayed about it and I received forgiveness. Later over a log fire testimonial time I received Jesus as my Saviour. What a moment of joy and blessing that was!

At age eighteen I attended a crusade with my parents (yes, my parents). Even though I thought I knew my own direction - I realized that I needed Jesus more than ever, for I was at a crossroad in my life, needing to make a decision about a girl I met, and about moving across the country to be on my own. That night God changed my itinerary and guided me back to Saskatchewan.

God's blessing and grace continued when I met my new life partner on a blind date, and on to getting married (never thinking I would). We raised four wonderful children; they taught us about values, priorities, faith and commitment and what happens when one loses spiritual focus.

When, after many years, my marriage failed, I went through a divorce, taking me down to the depths of isolation and loneliness. However, by His grace, God renewed my spirit and direction, filling me with hope, joy and peace, the same things He gave me along with salvation, when I was nine years old.

Realizing how the Lord has been with me through all the low and high points of my life, I can truly say, "He walks with me - He talks with me, and tells me I am His own."

He reminds me over and over that I'm never alone, that He never fails me even though I falter at times. The Lord is the truest friend I know! Oh what redeeming grace indeed! Praise the Lord!

- Stanley R. Klassen

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