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Appreciation Tea Report

Issue 2013 #4

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This year we tried our Appreciation Tea on Sunday evening, August 25, instead of the afternoon. The turn-out was better than it had been in some years, and the Lord's blessing was felt in several ways.

Two interesting testimonies were shared. Lois Millsap, a Board member, shared about how she lost her right hand at age 13, and God's process in teaching her forgiveness in the aftermath.

Darryl Evans and his wife, Joan, are our newest missionaries; Darryl, on a short school reunion visit to Canada, shared the other testimony. He told of his salvation experience as a teenage fellow, trying out many of the world's temptations. Darryl got a new kind of “high” when he invited Jesus into his life on March 7, 1973. He met Joan in Bible School, and they have spent 20 years in South America as SIM missionaries. Now they have their own ministry in New Mexico, running Bible Studies by Mail.

Darryl passed out his testimony as a brochure. Then Arnold asked Darryl to sit in a chair while Joe and he prayed for him and their ministry.

Arnold presented the staff service awards, some of which were a year over-due as he (Arnold) was sick last year at this time. Rick and Beryl Harbidge have served 16 years as WTM missionaries. Laura Hildebrand for ten years, Hertha Wiens for six years, Priscilla McCormick for five years, and Linda Porter for six. Wayne Senger prayed and thanked God for them.

Those who donated to the Walkathon fund-raiser were honoured next with commendations in plexiglass stands. They were presented alphabetically.

The funds raised go to the distribution of There is Hope in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Allen Martens, chairman of the Board, and Pastor Ernest Regier were called forward for a prayer of Dedication for this mailing in November. (Copies of the first booklet were handed out to all).

Prayer Warriors were sought, and Ruth Friesen explained a special campaign for people to sign up to pray daily or weekly and to receive updates by email on a weekly basis. Sign up cards were passed around.

Two women planned ladies' Bible studies here in the WTM building, so they were given opportunity to share about their courses of study. Lois Millsap will take limited numbers for "His Healing Light," to guide women through to forgiveness and wholeness in Christ.

Maria Sawatzky shared her story of life in a very dysfunctional family from Portugal. Eventually, she met the Lord, and hungrily read the Bible. She is an enthusiastic witness and desires to round up women who need to hear the gospel for a Bible study. She is calling it "Ashes to Beauty." (However, Lois and Maria have had health issues in the meantime).

Arnold asked both Lois and Maria to sit in chairs at the front, and for Susan Buhler, Ivy Kjaarsgard and Ruth Friesen to pray for the women's intended ministries.

crowd gathering before the program
crowd gathering before the program

Joe leading the singing
Joe Homontowski leading the singing

Lois Millsap sharing her testimony
Lois Millsap sharing her testimony - losing her hand

Darryl Evans (newest missionary) sharing his story
Darryl Evans, (newest missionary) sharing his story

More Photos of our Appreciation Tea

Length of Service Awards
Length of Service Awards - for milestone years

Arnold presenting Service Award to Laura Hildebrand
Arnold presenting a Service Award to Laura Hildebrand, a Corrector

Arnold presenting Service Award to Priscilla
Arnold presenting a Service Award to Priscilla McCormick, Office Secretary, bookkeeper, etc.
Walkathon Fundraiser Awards
Walkathon Fundraiser Awards

Susan, Ivy and Ruth praying for Lois and Maria
Susan, Ivy and Ruth praying for Lois and Maria - starting new Bible study groups.

Joe and Arnold praying for Darryl and Joan Evans
Joe and Arnold praying for Darryl and Joan Evans, working in New Mexico (with Bible Lessons by Mail)
Allen Martens and Pastor Ernest Regier praying for the Impact Canada mailing
Allen Martens and Pastor Ernest Regier praying for Impact Canada mailing
a glance at the food table before guests got there
a glance at the food table before the guests got there.

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