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Issue 2013 #1

Table of Contents:

Tracts About Transforming Grace

Very often testimonial tracts are the most effective at showing readers what God might do for them. If you are witnessing to someone who doesn't seem to grasp God's grace offered to them, try giving them one of these tracts.

Corporate Forgiveness

Corporate Forgiveness - A business man offers corporate forgiveness for mistakes to employees in his company, only to find few take him up on it. God's grace is often turned down too.

The Devil's Number 1 Angel

The Devil's Number 1 Angel - Barney Lacendre's testimony of his past as a native witchdoctor when he thought of himself as the devil's number 1 angel. The grace of God transformed Barney.

He Made Me a New Person

He Made Me A New Person! - Life lost purpose for this young woman as she sought pleasure and acceptance with the 'crowd.' One day she realized that she hated the girl she had become, and longed to become good again.

I Thought I was a Good Person

I Thought I was a Good Person - Terri's testimony of how she discovered she was not good enough after all. She had committed a number of sins, fallen into depression, and truly needed Some- one to take her place.

The Trusth Shall Set You Free

The Truth Shall Set You Free - A story of a man who bought some caged birds from a cruel boy who wanted to torture them for fun. Christ has also purchased us – oh what unmerited grace that is!

The Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life

The Wonderful Grace of God in Bonnie's Life - After much heartache and sin, the wonderful transforming grace of God in Bonnie's life has replaced the emptiness in her heart.

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