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Issue 2013 #1

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How Our Tracts are Used in Mynamar

Many times pastors and ministry leaders in third world countries come to our website, and soon find the Reach Us form so they can plead for all the tracts and Bibles and Christian literature we can possibly send them.

It is not pleasant to have to respond with apologies that we cannot meet their tremendous need for evangelistic literature. We simply cannot afford the expensive postage to send them bales or even just our excess tracts.

But we have a different solution; our tracts are on our website, and they just need to download them, translate them if it would work better for them to be in Urdu or Swahili or whatever their local language, and then print them and distribute them there at much less cost. So we write to explain this to them. We have web pages that describe the steps in detail – but still we get the sense that many hang their heads and turn away disappointed.

A pastor in Mynamar has understood these instructions and sent us photos to show how they worked for him. We rejoice with Pastor Reuben, and I've put up two web pages of photos on our website to show what he did, so that others may learn from his example.

folding and collating by hand

Grateful to be permited to translate our tracts, Pastor Reuben choose a booklet called, "Someone is Calling You" and then set about printing 500 copies to distribute in their country to those who do not know Jesus Christ yet. They took photos at each stage to share with us. (He also invited us to come share the good news and see just how they serve in Myanmar).

Pastor Reuben understands that simplicity is key. If you think your tracts must be printed in full-colour and bound as booklets you will have much more expense. Your funds for tracts will go further if you make it your goal to have - simple text - in the most economical format - on the plainest paper you can get.

Pastor Reuben ready to distribute

Pastor Reuben was now ready! He got on his motorbike with a backpack full of tracts, ready to distribute them from house to house in his area. He reached about 74 homes, but says there are thousands to go to yet.

older man comes later as a result of tracts distributed

As a result of Pastor Reuben's first distribution, this older gentleman showed up at the church. He was not a believer yet at the time of this photo, but Pastor Reuben was happy to explain the gospel further to him. The man was about to enter into the Kingdom of God, but he was afraid of what his three sons who are in the army would do.

The man asked, "If I worship your Lord, my sons may kill me At that time could you protect me from my sons?"

Pastor Reuben answered, "My Lord would protect you." The old man appeared to grow lukewarm. Some weeks later, the old man returned, ready to repent and trust the Lord for both his salvation and for his safe-keeping.

prisoners - show of hands - want to receive Christ

Pastor Reuben and two workers went to visit a prison and shared the gospel and the tracts there too. When they asked for a show of hands, to receive salvation, 27 hands went up!

We are glad for news of such a spiritual harvest, and are encouraged to pray that many others will use our tracts this way.

You too, may do tract evangelism on a shoestring budget if you have a computer with an internet connection to download the tracts, and then to print them as simply and cheaply as you can. This will open many opportunities to speak with individuals about Christ. There is no guarantee they will all choose to accept Him as their Saviour, but at least you have done your part to share the gospel with them.

You may see these full photo stories. When you go to our site, click on “Special events” in the left menu, and from that index page, click the first link in the center list of special pages, titled, How Pastor Reuben Uses Our Tracts. At the bottom of that page, look for the link to the next page about how he distributes them. Or simply type in the following direct links; How Pastor Reuben uses our Tracts and How Pastor Reuben Distributes Tracts

We would encourage our regular friends and supporters to begin to pray earnestly that more of these poor pastors, earnest and eager to serve God, but limited in resources, would learn to access the resources on our website and that God would provide for their printing costs so they can evangelize their own people.

Ruth Marlene Friesen

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