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Issue 2013 #1

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Day of Prayer Report - 2012

Day of Prayer booklet cover

On November 10th we met in the Mission's basement for our annual Day of Prayer. In advance we prepared a booklet which showed the praise items and prayer requests from the previous year, which requests were answered and this year's new requests.

This exercise proved encouraging to our staff and the friends that showed up to help us praise God and pray for the new requests.

As usual, our Day of Prayer started at 9:30 am, and the reports and prayer times for each department were interspersed with songs or choruses led by Joe Homontowski.

Our Director Arnold Stobbe had arranged for George Banman to come share a report to encourage us. Although retired, he has organized a number of volunteers in his building to meet in their apartment to sew fabric parachutes and little bags to hold solar radios. These are distributed in various parts of the world to spread the gospel. Each one is pre-set to a Christian radio station or is loaded with MP3 recordings of Scripture. Thousands of solar radios have gone out which are sometimes dropped from planes in the sky over areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

Day of Prayer scene while George Banman showed his parachutes

We paused for pizza at lunch and the meeting was done by mid-afternoon. The prayer requests of those at Western Tract Mission and some of our individual requests were placed at the feet of Christ. God has brought us thus far and we are sure He will guide, provide and sanctify this mission for His purposes.

We hold a Day of Prayer once a year and would encourage you to join us at the next one which will be November 9th, 2013. It is so edifying and powerful to lift each other up in prayer. We are also very blessed by each one who prays for this Mission whether at home or here.

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