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Issue 2012 #4

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Year End Greetings from Archie Loewen,
Chairman of the Board

Greetings to all our WTM supporters and interested readers. Titus 3: 1-8 sums up our whole relationship in the Christian faith. Verse 1 says "Be ready for every good work." Many of you have done that very thing for WTM. You have been ready to help in a time of need. Your prayer support, financial giving and volunteering help has been greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

At this time, I would like to report on some of the WTM activities. As our name suggests, at our office we are still offering tracts to interested people by mail or by down loads at our website. You can visit our website for pages and pages of information. Tracts, testimonies, Bible lessons, copies of Reflections, kid's stuff, and more can be found on the website and down loaded.

The Mailbox Club is a special area where a complete line of Bible lessons are offered to both young and old. This past year, 3 adults and 12 children have received Jesus as Saviour through these lessons. Children can get a Bible for supplying 10 new names for the Mailbox Club. By the end of this year some 3000 lessons will have been graded and questions answered. The Scripture Signs program has changed from years ago. Outdoor signs are no longer used but we now make small indoor signs and yearly calendars. There are a good number of new calendars available for 10 dollars each. They make excellent gifts for friends and relatives.

A call for funds is put out four times a year to the emergency measures volunteers (EMV). This is a special list of people who are willing to donate each time a special need is called for. Donations are for any amount, small or large. If you would like to be on this list, contact us and you will be added to the list.

Impact Canada has been moving ahead. The funds from all our fundraisers are given to this area. All of Saskatchewan and part of Newfoundland have been covered. This November the rest of Newfoundland will be covered. The financial picture is always a concern. The Lord has always been good to us over the years. All needs have been met this year. We need to build up a small reserve for those special times when there is a dire need. Please consider a year-end donation to help us achieve this goal. Some of our missionaries are in need of an increase in their monthly support, please pray that the Lord will meet this need for them.

In closing, please pray for our board, our volunteers, our missionaries and our staff. Thank you again to all supporters, volunteers, staff and fellow board members for making the difference in WTM!

Sincerely in Him,
Archie Loewen,
Chairman of the Board

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