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Issue 2012 #4

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Refreshed Christmas Cards

It has been some concern that we have had such a small selection of Christmas tracts. Many had gone out of print, so we only really had, I Was Seeking for Christ, the poem with a black and silver graphic. Recently Priscilla went looking among the older records of tracts and discovered a number of them that had good content but might use a bit of dressing up with more colourful graphics. Joe Homontowski tackled that job and printed them in-house.

Within a week or two our supply of Christmas tracts improved quite a bit!

Christmas Acrostic

The CHRISTMAS Acrostic tract has inside a couple of lines for each letter of the word, and taken together, they tell the Biblical story of Christmas. A great tract to slip in with your Christmas cards or letters this year.

A Real Christmas

Another has the landscape view, saying on the front, Wishing you a REAL CHRISTMAS. Inside it has John 3:16, and a call to receive the Christ of Christmas, as that is the only way to have a Real Christmas.

A Christmas Joy

To Wish You Christmas Joy has colourful card-like pictures on the front and inside, with 8 Bible verses about our Saviour, and a nice poem on the back.

The Christ of Christmas

The Christ of Christmas was written by Oswald J. Smith and discusses the humble place and political world our Lord was born into, and then the role of Christ in history.

Order these tracts quickly to use for giving this Christmas.

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