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Issue 2012 #4

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White lilies

Another witnessing testimony of Verna in a Home;

I do not go to the hospital as much as I used to, but have a mission field right here where I live. There has been an almost complete turnover here as people grow older and often need more care.

One lady here had said something, at the supper table, about not knowing something about creation. I told her I had a good book about it and offered to give it to her to read. She found it interesting and through that I invited her to come to my place and study the Bible. She took me up on it.

One day we had just got started and there was a knock at the door. Interruption, but I asked them to come in. It was a former neighbour of mine who had been saved several years ago through our witness. God's timing!

I invited them to join us. We had just started when he said, "I'd like to give my testimony. It was impressive and it touched B.... They prayed for her."

A few weeks after, we were in our lesson and she asked a question. I was looking for the answer in the Bible when suddenly, "I now accept Jesus Christ."

I looked up at her and the tears were flooding down her cheeks and the utter joy in her face told of the change in her. She's reading her Bible (Ecclesiastes), and enjoying it.

Praise the Lord for those who planted the seed in her heart when she was young and she had forgotten it, but God is bringing it back now. She is in her upper 90s, so it's a marvel!

I'm 95 so God isn't through with me yet! Praise God. He has given me good health and a clear mind.

I would like an assortment of good gospel tracts as well as some of the "The Touch of the Master's Hand" as well as some encouraging ones. I have quite a few of "Songs in the Night," yet. There are so many here with one foot in the grave. Time is running out! Jesus is coming!

Thank you for your caring in your choices. I'm praying for you too.

Yours in His Service,
Verna T, Red Deer, AB.

P.S. Pray for Margaret who is going through trials and sees no hope. She listens every morning when I play hymns. They speak to her, but she's not quite ready to let God come in.

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