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Issue 2012 #4

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Emergency Measures Volunteers (EMV)

Our EMV call this quarter is for the general account. By far the majority of the money in our bank account at present is designated for Impact Canada. Soon that will be used for that very purpose and the general account will be left dangerously low.

There are quite a number of general expenses to keep a mission, building, and property intact. There are expenses unique to each category I mentioned. Property taxes are paid in January, and education taxes paid in May. In the building, we just had Fire Protection Services service our fire extinguishers. Most of it is small stuff, like replacing the bulbs for our fluorescent lights, a door knob, ice melt, garbage pick-up, etc. For the mission, I write out cheques for an advertisement in Living Light, for director's insurance, and of course Revenue Canada. Our rental income is a tremendous help, however not quite enough. Please consider giving the general account a boost as this year comes to a close.

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are given in memory of someone after they have died. But it is also possible to give a gift in the name of someone you want to honour at Christmas. People are often stuck, wondering what to give someone for Christmas because generally speaking we can usually afford to buy what we need and what we want - within reason of course! This is an option. We can provide a nice announcement card to explain what you have done.

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