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Issue 2012 #4

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Wrapped Christmas gifts

Christmas Gifts That Last Forever

Sometimes choosing a gift for someone is the hardest part of preparing for Christmas. You desire to express love in a gift, but what kind of gift would be appreciated most?

Let us suggest gifts with eternal values. If you were to donate funds towards the spread of the gospel and one or more souls would receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour - you would keep such individuals out of hell and give them - through Christ - the gift of eternal life! Surely some of the people on your gift list would appreciate the lasting value of such a gift if you gave it in their name!

We have mailed to all of Saskatchewan, Labrador, Newfoundland and part of Prince Edward Island as of November 2012!

Our ongoing Impact Canada project means that as funds are available each year we will continue to send out There is Hope systematically to every home in Canada. It is the most economical plan you may find anywhere. (Naturally, it's fruitfulness depends on the amount of prayer saturation too). It costs us 25 cents to reach one home, and there are an average of three persons at every mailing address. So $1.00 reaches four homes, which means 12 individuals have an opportunity to read There is Hope and make a decision to receive Christ as personal Saviour. If they respond to us and sign up for the Mailbox Club, we can also disciple them and strengthen them in their walk and understanding of God's Word.

Your gift to Impact Canada can be given as a Christmas gift to a loved one. We can send you a nice gift card which you can present to them to explain your gift. You might want your Sunday School or Bible class to join together to give a gift - simply in gratitude for your own eternal salvation, and to honour Jesus at the celebration of His birth in Bethlehem.

Or, it can be marked as a thank you gift to church leaders, or a Memorial gift in memory of a loved one who has gone on before you into eternity.

Blue gift box

$10 sends There is Hope to 40 homes with 120 people getting an opportunity to receive Eternal Life.

Green gift box

$25 sends There is Hope to 100 homes with 300 people getting an opportunity to receive Eternal Life!

Silver gift box

$50 sends There is Hope to 200 homes with 600 people getting an opportunity to receive Eternal Life!

Gold gift box

$100 sends There is Hope to 400 homes with 1200 people getting an opportunity to receive Eternal Life!

Blue gift

Any amount you choose $ . . . . can be applied toward our next goal of completing our mailout to the rest of Prince Edward Island, and then the next province, ...and the next!

If you are able to be an extra generous giver, there are larger gifts you could give too. These would be great for a family clan or a Sunday School to join together to combine a cash gift rather than buying meaningless trinkets or momentary pleasures.

There are smaller portions of Canada that could have a complete mailing for one large gift from one individual, family or group.

All of Nunivat could be reached for $1,900

All of the Yukon could be reached for $2,700

All of the North West Territories could be reached for $3,000

Yukon, NWT, Nunavut map
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