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Issue 2012 #4

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2013 Calendar

2013 Calendars for Sale - Order now!

The theme is The Wonders of God's Creation. Our calendars have made very popular Christmas gifts since we began to produce them. Each month has a good Bible verse to go with the lovely picture, and you are able to see up-coming events of WTM in 2013. Each Calendar costs $10.

Report on

The Run for Hope

James running for hope

On August 3, Arnold Stobbe, our Director, fell quite ill, with a small heart attack, blood infection and gallstone attacks. He was in St. Pauls' hospital in Saskatoon for three weeks, then home for four days, and suddenly was rushed back to the hospital for another week.

We are happy to report that Arnold has recovered quite well, and he is resuming his usual lifestyle.

James Stobbe, who has taken up long-distance running, wanted to encourage his Dad in a special way and asked some of his siblings if they would also participate. Arnold's favourite project is the WTM Impact Canada mailings. He had hoped to raise enough to reach all of Newfoundland with this year's mail-out. The fundraisers didn't quite do that so they decided to challenge one another with a Run for Hope, and use it to raise more funds.

Paul and Amy running for hope

Since they are scattered across North America, the family participated in a local run, or started one of their own, and ran or walked on September 29. Altogether they raised $4,445.00 (and some belated donations are still coming in).

Paul and Amy Stobbe ran in North Carolina. James, Dori, Priscilla and sister-in-law Kathy walked 3.5 miles in the country near Priscilla's home, while Rhonda,and Chaysten, from Steinbach, walked by their home. Grandchildren: Jeff Martins and Alethea Stobbe ran in Ontario and Blayne Stobbe ran in Winnipeg.

For a more detailed report and more photos, see: Run for Hope-12

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