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Issue 2012 #2

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We Like Invitations to Parties

At Elim Lodge in Saskatoon, the residents, mostly seniors gather in a large meeting room once a month to celebrate all the birthdays of the month. On March 15th, the staff from Western Tract Mission were invited to bring a program for their royal birthday party. We enjoyed the evening and so did they.

Joe Homontowski singing Besides leading everyone in singing a hymn, Joe Homontowski sang five solos, and Ivy Kjarsgaard shared her life story as a testimony to God's saving and guiding grace. Penny Homontowski read some of the response letters from the Mailbox Club students.

Arnold Stobbe told of one man whom he visited, led to faith in Christ and has continued to visit, to encourage to grow in God's Word, and to attend church.

Ivy Kjarsgaard sharing her life story The committee in charge introduced the birthday individuals who were wearing crowns, and gathered them behind the table with the cake and ice cream.

Mingling with the Elim residents afterward, we learned that they had especially enjoyed Joe's singing, and asked about a CD.

(Our staff put on another program on April 17 at Bethany Manor).

Elim birthday party We are always glad to accept new invitations and can freshen up our program with other music and testimonies. We can adapt our program to the celebration or the occasion, but we sure appreciate it if we are allowed to mention our mission and invite them to support us with prayers and gifts.

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