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Issue 2012 #2

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The Patience and Goodness of God

Bust of Dave and Evonne Ginther

As a pre-schooler I remember a young lady teaching a Bible Club in our home. After moving to a rural area at the age of 7, some young people came to teach VBS at our one room schoolhouse. It was there I recognized that I was a sinner and I followed in a prayer asking Jesus into my life. When my father learned of this, VBS was added to the list of things forbidden for the Ginther children.

In my early teens our family started attending a church in Martensville. Preaching about the end of the world brought much fear to my heart but I didn't understand how to be converted.

In later teen years the fear of God subsided and I began to live an ungodly life. After I completed an apprenticeship as an electrical lineman I moved to British Columbia seeking work with B.C. Hydro. Although I loved my well-paying job and loved my beautiful surroundings I began to feel a great emptiness in life. I began to believe the lie that I just needed more "things" and I would be content. I accumulated many "toys" and pursued different relationships but nothing filled the void in my heart. Although I tried to forget God, thankfully He did not forget me.

One night I read Romans 14:12, "So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God."

Dave Ginther with his grandchild Suddenly I was keenly aware of my sin and rebellion against God. I quaked at the thought of standing before God to tell him how I had used (wasted) my life. Turning to Jesus Christ - the Way and the Truth and the Life - for forgiveness of sin and to be given a new heart was the biggest turning point in my life! How I thank him for his patience with me!

Shortly after this I applied to attend a Bible College. It was here that I first heard of missions. It was also here that I met a lovely girl who wanted to be a missionary. We served in Asia and I want to bring glory to God because of what a wonderful and patient heavenly Father He is!

-Dave Ginther

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