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Issue 2012 #2

Table of Contents:

Four Old Tracts Renewed

Recently we've had some requests for our old, out-of-print tracts, so Joe has been busy updating their look and printing more of them. These four tracts are now available to those who would like to order them from our office.

Tract of insurance Tract picture of two roads Tract with butterfly Tract

Are You Insured? May look at first glance like a brochure from an insurance company, but the reader quickly discovers that this is about a policy from the Eternal Live Insurance Company. For every point made about eternal life there is a Bible verse to back it up. The back has the conditions of the policy, namely that all applications must be made to the President (King of kings) through the Adjuster, Jesus. The Adjuster is the King's Son, and the Solicitor is the Holy Spirit.

Two Roads to Eternity - There are only two roads and everyone of us is on one or the other. This tract shows this through a number of Scriptures. It explains very briefly that we are by nature without God or hope, but that He created a plan for us to have a relationship with Him. By Jesus' death on the cross we may be set free and become God's children.

He Made Me a New Person - had recently been updated, but has now received a new graphic with a butterfly on a lilac flower. It has a personal testimony and a poem, "Transformed" by Deborah M. Shively.

Four Things that God Wants You to Know - this is another tract that makes its basic points by quoting God's Word, which we know will not return to Him void. The four points are: 1. You need to be Saved. 2. You Cannot Save Yourself. 3. Jesus Has Already Provided for Your Salvation. 4. Jesus Will Deliver You out of Temptation.Your Part... shows the steps to take, and the back has verses to urge, Do it Now, and some last minute warnings.

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