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Issue 2011 #3

Table of Contents:

Tract Review:
The Truth Shall Set You Free

Cover of tract This short little tract has been one of our more effective soul winning leaflets. It was sold out year before last, but we had decided to use an updated version of it in the There is Peace booklet when we reformatted it. As you'll find on the back page of this issue, there are times when a 'paper missionary' can linger quietly and minister again and again.

This summer we received a response from a man who had found a copy of our older version of this tract, he read it and made a decision to receive Christ. It was quickly decided that we needed to print this tract and bring it back into circulation.

The old black and white graphic has been replaced with a colourful one on the front. It is of several birds escaping from a cage with musical notes drifting about them.

The short story inside is of a minister meeting up with a boy swinging an old cage with some ordinary but frightened birds inside. The minister questions him about his intentions for those birds.

The lad confesses cheerily that he plans to torture them, and then feed them to his cats.

The minister asks his price and solemnly pays the fee. When the boy has run off with the money, the minister carries the cage to a grassy area and gently lets the birds out.

This tract makes the point that Jesus has paid the price to set us free too. While Satan wants to torture and ruin us, Jesus came to set us free from sin and the power of sin over us.

There is a little form on the back of the tract that the reader can fill out and send to us to report his or her decision and to ask for further help. Perhaps that is what makes it more effective; the reader has a chance to respond when the heart is freshly touched.

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