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Issue 2011 #3

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Mail Tray Readings

Thank you so much for everything you do for me and Dawson. So I just want to say THANK YOU.

Your friend,
- Felicity, (11), Vienna, ON

Thank you for the birthday card. As you may have realized it's been a long time since I have done this because of the move but I am happy to start continuing. Because I don't know when your birthday is, I just have to say I hope every birthday you have is a good one.

P.S. Thanks for sending the Mailbox Club Lessons I'm really learning a lot and enjoying them at the same time.

- Loralie, (age 9)

Please keep the tracts rolling! The Committee at one time had conquered a very large segment of the world's population through literature propaganda.

So why not let the world know about God's So Great Salvation through Tract Work! May God richly Bless the work!

- Henry, Arborg, MB.

To the Mailbox Club

I really enjoyed reading about Heaven!

I'm glad I'm included in the Mailbox Club. It was interesting reading and doing the work.

I have two cousins that died and they both had the same sickness. They are my friend Elizabeth's cousins too.

I was just wondering if you [I] may look back when you [I] write down your [my] answers? Please let me know in the next lesson.

I hope I can be in Heaven with God some Day!!

I would also like to know how many people are in this Club? And PLEASE tell me their names.

From Amy (age 9), Newton, ON.

ED Note: Penny says it would be hard to grant this last request with over 1000 students enrolled in our Mailbox Club.

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