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Issue 2011 #3

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Is God Faithful?

Portrait of Ed Stobbe You better believe it.

My parents had a great desire to see not only their children saved but people wherever they went. I knew from when I was a little child that, "All have sinned and fall short of the Kingdom of God."

At age seven God made me a new creature. My life was changed and He has kept me true to Him the sixty-seven years since.

I was teaching in the remand unit in prison. One evening as I walked into the room where I would be teaching, I noticed something strange about one man. Shortly after I started teaching I realized this guy was demon possessed.

I stopped the Bible study and prayed to have these demons removed.

While praying I heard the whisper in my ear, "What if it doesn't work". I chose to ignore that. The man got up, walked around the room and sat down a normal man.

In 1980 I was working in a tire shop. I had an accident. While inflating a truck tire the ring blew off, skimmed my face, breaking my jaw and nose on the way up. God was faithful in keeping me alive.

We were ministering in Fort McPherson, NWT. As per schedule, we left for Banks Island, to minister to the people there. On the way, one of the six pistons on the single-engine plane quit working when we were forty-six miles north of Inuvik. Half way back to Inuvik another piston quit working. I learned to 'pray without ceasing' very quickly. The pilot turned the airplane around and we got back to Inuvik safe and sound with a perfect landing.

Before we left Fort McPherson, I had felt that we had not finished the ministry there. We went back there after the plane was repaired.

The ladies were having a meeting that evening, so they asked me to speak there. After the meeting a lady came to me and gave her life to the Lord. Great is God's faithfulness.

- Ed Stobbe - Retired Missionary

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