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Issue 2011 #3

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God's Mercies to the Mission Today

Picture of butterfly In the last two issues we've been looking at God's work in founding the mission through Mr. Elliott, and then in an era when it was a busy, thriving hive of publishing and distributing tracts through hundreds, even thousands of members who acted as distributors both in person and by mail. Now we will shift our attention to this current era. Let's count up some of God's blessings in the life of Western Tract Mission today:

Numeral for 1st blessing
The building is paid for and we've laid new laminate flooring in a number of rooms. We've fixed up the rental apartment, replaced missing shingles on the roof, and cemented around the foundation - all in the last year or so.

Numeral for 2nd blessing
The rent from the apartment, and the office suite occupied by Gospel Echoes, when spread over the whole year, covers our most basic utility bills and taxes. Thus donations all go to ministry work.

Numeral for 3rd blessing
Although we are super frugal with donations sent in, we rejoice that this year we have seen a good response to the fund-raisers and EMV appeals.

Numeral for 4th blessing Map of Canada Just over the past four years we have been able to do a mass mailing to every postal address in Saskatchewan, and have begun to work our way across Canada starting with Newfoundland and Labrador as part of our Impact Canada mailing program. It is much more efficient and less labour-intensive than having individuals mail tracts from their various locations.

Numeral for 5th blessing The Mailbox Club has some fluctuations in mail flow, but it is the area where we can count conversions and even some growth in those who faithfully do their lessons and send them in. Over 1000 students are enrolled. Over 600 regularly return their completed lessons. It is our discipleship program.

Numeral for 6th blessing Several tracts are produced each year, some brand new and some updates and revisions of old tracts. Our tracts are available on the website and can be ordered from us online, or freely downloaded to print in the user's own home or office to distribute.

Numeral for 7th blessing Ethnic ministries has been reduced in the last couple of decades to only one couple, Rick and Beryl Harbidge, working in it, but they are active in Alberta, and use home Bible studies, visiting and entertaining in their home to win people to Christ.

Numeral for 8th blessing Our website gives us a world-wide presence on the web which reaches into third world countries and even those that would seem to be closed to real missionaries moving in. Kids Korner LogoThe site has over 800 pages and a Kids' Korner is being developed with plenty of appropriate activities to draw kids and their families.

Numeral for 9th blessing Three years ago we introduced Scripture Signs as lovely poster pictures with Bible verses that can be downloaded or printed from the website, and of course, ordered from us. Whereas we cannot put billboards up along the highways any more, these digital Scripture Signs can, and do get into homes and public office buildings, and there they proclaim the Word of God at no further cost to us.

Numeral for 10th blessing2012 Calendar The sale of calendars for 2011, using those lovely pictures, brought us some additional income. We have the new 2012 calendar ready to order now. Its theme is Great Hymns of the Faith.

Numeral for 11 blessing Reflections, our quarterly newsletter is produced regularly and draws good comments. Although the number of copies printed is shrinking, the online edition is becoming more popular. We now print in-house and in full-colour.

Numeral for 12th blessing Praise and Prayer Report, our monthly email/ezine keeps friends aware of the latest news of our director and missionaries, and we rejoice at the comments from people who indicate that they do read it.

Numeral for 13th blessing The unity among the staff and Board members. This is a fragile treasure that could be so easily lost or spoiled. Therefore, we pause sometimes to thank the Lord for this blessing, and all the others above, and many more than we can fit on these pages. Please rejoice with us, thank God, and pray that He will continue to bless and guide His mission. May we ever be found in His will and eager to obey as He opens new doors of ministry.

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