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Issue 2002 #1

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Day of Prayer Report

We met together for our third annual Day of Prayer at the Western Tract Mission office.

Impact Canada has had 9 responses, and 3 saved by reading tracts. There are two new Tract Clubs formed, giving us 6. We need more Tract Clubs!

Three more Scripture signs are up, and a review of past feedback was edifying.

Dave Ginther's report on Unreached Communities in Saskatchewan pointed out that there are 1000 small towns and villages in this province, but only 260 of those have a church of any kind. Ideas were raised to help fill in where we don't know what kind of witness might exist, and for challenging Bible School students looking for a place of ministry.

One of the most exciting reports was of developments among Hutterites in Southern Alberta, where 7 were recently baptized, then excommunicated, (with their families, that makes 28) and are now being ministered to by other believers off the colony. More are likely to follow. Tactful workers are needed, and funds for a radio broadcast directed at Hutterites.

Emory has received the computer we prayed for last year, he has nearly all the tracts up, and the website is getting about 30 visitors a day. Some of the Gospel booklets have been made into free e-books that can be downloaded from the site.

From Lynn Fraser we learned 30 correspondence students have been saved this year, and Tina Dyck has come on as another volunteer. Yet there were earnest requests for prayer too; that it would be interesting for modern kids, God's Word not return void, wisdom for correctors, numbers of students to increase (about 700 are active students now), and also for many children who have chronic health conditions.

Then we took time for some personal prayer requsts. What an exercise in rejoicing to see how God has answered prayer!

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