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What About You?

This tract tells of the journey of two people who set out to determine what happens after death.

These people start, in what they see as a logical place, with a doctor. All he can tell them is that some people die peacefully while others are terrified. From there they move on to an undertaker, a scientist and a philosopher. None of these people even attempt an answer so they return to what the doctor said.

To complete their search, they talk to two people facing death. One is afraid of death even though she's gone to church all her life. The other one, Mr. McIntyre, is fully prepared to die. He clearly explains to them why he had no fear and trusts in the truth of the Bible. The tract ends with Mr. McIntyre asking the two searchers if they will accept God's provision or spend eternity in Hell.

This is a new tract produced by Western Tract Mission and has some great features in it. The Bible verses are clearly explained for someone with very little knowledge of the Bible. For instance, it says, " that God raised Him (Jesus) from the dead", thereby clearly explaining Who that word is referring to. Long-time Christians take these meanings for granted, but others need to have them clearly explained.

This tract is excellent for people in all walks of life who are in a situation that makes them question the meaning of life and whether there is life after death.

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