proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian
Western Tract Mission - logo Western tract Mission, Inc., has a new name - Impact Canada Ministries Inc.
This site will remain here; but you are welcome
to visit our new site as it grows!

Purpose and History of Impact Canada Ministries Inc.
(formerly, Western Tract Mission Inc.)

Promote the gospel of Jesus Christ

Win unbelievers to Jesus Christ

Disciple, teach and build up believers

Encourage believers to participate in a sound, evangelical church

Encourage believers to fulfill the Great Commission whether at home or abroad

Distribute Biblical evangelical materials to realize these purposes

Western Tract Mission Inc. was formed in 1941 on the Canadian prairies at Langham, Saskatchewan. Mr. G. W. Elliott, feeling a burden to reach the unsaved, organized the Mission with 57 members. (In March 2015, at our Annual Meeting, it officially became Impact Canada Ministries Inc.)

It is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission. In 1952, five years after moving to Saskatoon, Western Tract Mission was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the Province of Saskatchewan. The Mission is also registered as a charity with the Government of Canada. Members of the Mission elect a Board of Directors who govern the work of the ministry.

In attempting to fulfill these purposes the work, under God's direction, Western Tract Mission has developed in a number of different areas;

1.The Literature Department - The systematic distribution of gospel tracts and other literature, and Impact Canada, which is community, provincial, and national mass mailings.

2.The Publication Department - The production and distribution of tracts, Bible correspondence courses and other literature through mail order.

3.The Bible Correspondence Department - The Mission operates its own Bible correspondence School for children through adults using material from The Mailbox Club, Source of Light Ministries, plus the 14 courses of The Enrichment Bible Study Program. (This has now been turned over to the Canadian branch of Source of Light Ministries).

4.Ethnic Ministries - The Mission has a varied ministry to ethnic peoples depending upon staff. Involvement has included assisting Native Fellowships, Hutterites, Bible teaching, one-to-one discipleship and counselling.

5.Public Relations - With the expansion of ministries comes the important task of communicating their importance to God's people. This is accomplished through a coordinator and area representatives. As well we look to our staff to take every opportunity to share the ministry with others.

6.Scripture Signs - We used to provide billboard road signs with a Bible verse, when requested, and donations allowed, but the HIghways Dept. no longer allows that in our province, so we have turned to digital posters with Scripture verses, to be promoted along with our tracts and literature from the web site, cards and catalogues.

7.Web Presence - Our Web site allows us to provide information about the Mission, and our literature in a way that is accessible around the world. It is a constantly growing, evolving avenue of ministry that costs very little and has tremendous potential.

8. Source of Light/Western Tract Mission (SLM/WTM) partnership - Starting January 2005, our two missions are now in a partnership. SLM provides materials and leadership for our Mailbox Club, and Western Tract Mission provides office space. We work together as one mission, officially since April 13, 2007.

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