proudly Canadian
Proudly Canadian
Western Tract Mission - logo Western tract Mission, Inc., has a new name - Impact Canada Ministries Inc.
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The Ministries of Impact Canada Ministries, Inc.

(formerly Western Tract Mission, Inc.)

Literature Department

The Mission came into existence as a result of Mr. G. W. Elliott's desire to see gospel literature mailed directly into the homes of the unsaved. Besides ordering tracts for your own distribution plans, you may actively participate in our tract program to systematically mail tracts to homes across Canada by --

Impact Canada

(Available only in Canada). the Tract Clubs we used to have are discontinued. Instead we do mass mailings of booklets with testimonies and the way of salvation clearly explained. Since 2007 we have been doing mailings to large postal code areas of Saskatchewan. Large printing and mailing numbers reduces the cost of bulk mailing through Canada Post, meaning that we can reach each home for about 25 cents, and each home has three people living there on average. This is a very economical and thorough way of spreading the gospel and you may have a part with a financial gift.

Bible Correspondence Department

Staff and volunteers have sent out hundreds of Bible lessons to children and adults through our own Bible Correspondence School. As the students return their answer sheets, the teachers grade them and send them back with the next lessons. When a student completes a course, the teacher or corrector awards him or her a beautiful certificate. Now, in 2015, by special agreement with our partners, SLM - Canada, has taken over the Mailbox Club work.

Many unsaved students have come to know Christ personally through the lessons. Our teachers answer many questions and help to resolve problems along the way. Our students come from across Canada and abroad. If you would like to enroll someone in the Mailbox Club go to their website.


Through our Publications Catalogue, we make available on a donation basis, all our literature to individuals, churches, and Christian organizations. Christians use our tracts to hand out personally, for going door-to-door, for leaving with tips, as enclosures with church information and much more! Note: Literature that is not listed in the catalogue is not available from us. We update the catalogue whenever changes are necessary.

Outreach Ministries

The Mission is involved in other ministries as staff members are available. Presently one couple is presenting the gospel to an ethnic group in Alberta.

Scripture Signs

We used to provide billboard road signs with a Bible verse when requested, but the Highway Dept. no longer allows this in Saskatchewan. We have turned to other methods, such as digital posters with Scripture verses, to be promoted along with our tracts and literature from the web site, cards and catalogues. Currently, we are looking for new people to help with this thrust.

Internet Ministry.

Our web presence gives us a new world-wide outreach! Our Web site allows us to provide information about the Mission, and our literature in a way that is accessible around the world. It is a constantly growing, evolving avenue of ministry that costs very little and has tremendous potential. We hear of people in other countries, using our tracts from this site, to translate and publish in their own countries! However, this site (the one you are on presently) is being archived to continue a silent web presence and ministry. The more current and active website will be

Public Relations

The task of communicating our work to God's people falls to our Executive Director who coordinates our Mission Representatives. He also looks for workers who believe God is calling them to Western Tract Mission. As well, he assists in seeking financial support for the missionary staff and general fund.

Source of Light/Western Tract Mission (SLM/WTM) partnership

Starting January 2005, our two missions are now in a partnership. SLM provides materials and leadership for our Mailbox Club, and Western Tract Mission provides office space. We work together as one mission, officially since April 13, 2007. In 2015 they have become registered in Canada, and have taken on the Mailbox Club, as mentioned above.

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