Hi Kids! This is
Your Korner at W.T.M.

Jesus loves you and proved it by giving up His life for you - then He took up His life again, to show us how we may be perfect and obedient just like Him!

Jesus loves to be with kids and to teach them the secrets of the Happy Christian life.

We like to work with Him to show you these things too. We are working now (at last!) at developing this area of our site.

We have great plans! We want to add lots of pictures to colour, Bible Quizzes, Things to Make and Do, Seasonal crafts, - lots of information and how-tos, Kids' Jokes and Riddles, Puzzles, Recipes, Skits and Plays, Stories and Poems, Testimonies, Resources for Teachers, and even some inter-active Games. Wonderful - it will be great fun to come here!

But it can't happen all at once. We'll try to add a bit more each week, so you'll have to come often to see what has been added. You will find links to the new sections and pages on the left when new stuff has been added.

Meantime, here are the links to the old stuff that you may have discovered here before. They will be changed as the new sections are ready!

Matching Quizzes

Jesus' Life
The Best Gift

Games and Things to Make:

A Board Game Jesus is the Truth
A similar Board Game, "I Can Be a Sunbeam for Jesus"

Wordless Book

Practice telling yourself, and then others, the meaning of the Wordless Book, which only has coloured pages.

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

Best Friends 1 and 2Best Friends

This course has eight lessons for ages nine and ten. Each has a Bible lesson and an ongoing story about kids like you throughout about Steve and Maria who puts the lesson to practical use MORE

Explorers 1 and 2

Ideal lessons for those 9 -14 years of age, and those completing the Best Friends series. Each lesson has a puzzle, and deals with who is God, What is Jesus like, the resurrection of Jesus, soul winning, etc. MORE