Games for Kids

It used to be that kids would run around outside and play games, sometimes with teams and sometimes with just one IT person against the rest. But then we had to decide who was to be IT. We used some simple counting--out games for that little starting matter.

Do you know some other Counting-Out games or rhymes?

But what if you have to choose between doing something bad like playing a trick on the teacher, or lying to someone, or telling the truth? What can you do to decide then? - Well, here's a special Kids' Korner page that talks some more about that, and shows what rules to use to decide the far more important things in life. Choosing Games - Tools for Deciding? (a PDF file) The page also has a colouring picture on it.

Indoor Games - Here are a few indoor games you can play with a brother or sister, or when a friend comes to visit you. They are great for when you can't go outside to play because of the weather.

Table Games - Sometimes the best interaction happens at table games, where people struggle to outwit one another and win. You would think it is a war of life or death! Start with two simple ones that most ages can do; Huff and Puff Ping Pong, and Dots and Boxes.

We have big plans to expand this area and make it an exciting place to come to play games. But it is going to take us a while to get that done. So for now, we'll just list some of the old games pages that we have had in our newsletter, Reflections in recent years.

Make Your Own Board Games

Sunbeam for Jesus

Jesus Is the TRUTH ( a Board game).

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter

Explorers 1 and 2