Table Games

Sometimes the best interaction happpens at table games, where people struggle to outwit one another and win. You would think it is a war of life or death!

Huff and Puff Ping Pong

Select a small table, a sturdy coffee table might do. Have two players sit at opposite ends of this table. Place one single ping pong ball in the very middle of the table.

How to play: at a given signal, both players should huff and puff, or gently blow, to get that ball to go to the other player's side. No hands are allowed. This must all be done by breathing or blowing your breath.

When the ball falls off your end of the table, you are out, and another player can take your place.

If the game seems too easy for the players, add this rule: you must put your chin on the edge of the table at the start of each round, and you cannot lift your head to blow from a different angle.

The winner is the player who most often blows the ball over to the other player's end.

Dots and Boxes

You need a sheet of paper and pencils for each player. This might work best if two players play against each other. If you have more players, give a sheet of paper to every two players. Put six rows of six dots on each sheet of paper.

How to play: Determine who will go first. That player will draw a line from one dot to another. The line may go up or down, or across, but not diagonally (at a slant). Then the other player draws a line from one dot to another. Back to the first player, who draws a line, from dot to dot. Soon you will see boxes forming by these lines. When a player draws a line that closes a box, he or she may put their initial in the box. Both players try to close off another box like this, when possible, until there are no dots left. Now count up the boxes with each player's initial, to find out who has the most and is the winner.

If the game becomes too easy, increase the size of the game by making nine rows of nine dots at the start.

Extra Goodies

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Explorers 1 and 2

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