I Can Be a Sunbeam for Jesus

When you click on this game title, your computer's PDF reader program will open up, (Acrobat Reader, for instance), and you will be able to see the board game that you can print out on your printer.

Once you've printed it out, you may want to glue or tape it to a stiff sheet of cardboard so it won't wrinkle or bend very easily.

Now place a paperclip over the circle with the pie wedges, and stick a thumbtack into the very center of the circle. The paperclip should now swing freely around and around the tack. Give it a swing with your finger. See?

Find a brother or sister, or a friend, to play the game with you. You will each need a button or object to represent you on the board. Decide who will go first.

To determine how many spaces you may move when it is your turn, simply spin the paperclip until it stops. The number of the circle-section where it stops, is how many spaces you may move. Of course, you will then have to obey the instructions when you land on a stepping stone that tells you to do something special.

Here is the link to see and print the PDF file, which is the game board. I Can Be a Sunbeam for Jesus

Extra Goodies

kids in Canada like to go sledding in winter


For those who have finished Explorers 2. Great for young teens or for adults who have completed 2 courses. Primarily for believers, teaching Christian Victory in a manner easily understood. MORE