Jesus is the TRUTH - game illustration

Jesus is the TRUTH


1. Open, (or download first), the Game base, Jesus is the TRUTH

2. Print it out on a sheet of letter-sized paper, or cardstock.

3. If you think the gameboard looks too bland - you may colour it as you please.

4. When ready, glue or tape the gameboard sheet onto heavy cardboard. If you wish to preserve it for lots of wear and tear, you can even wrap both together with some clear sticky plastic, (like MacTac).

5. Use a paperclip and a thumbtack to turn the circle with the numbers into a spinner. This will show you how many spaces to move when it is your turn.

6. Now simply find a button or marker of some kind for each player, to show where you are in the game. The first to reach HOME at the top is the winner. Remember to obey the instructions on the stepping-stone where you land when you move your spaces. You will learn some ways to live in the TRUTH.

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