Indoor Games

Here are a few indoor games you can play with a brother or sister, or when a friend comes to visit you. They are great for when you can't go outside to play because of the weather.

Straight Down Drop

This game was played for many years by dropping clothespins into an empty milk carton. But in your time it might be hard to find clothespins, or even a milk carton.

Find a number of objects that are all the same size and weight, such as plastic blocks (toys), or table tennis balls - or if your mother or grandmother has them, clothespins work well. Make sure these are not items that will break when dropped, and that each player can have the same number, such as five each or up to ten each.

Find a small box or carton, or a plastic pail. (If the container is too wide the game will be too easy for a school-child, but for preschoolers that might be okay). Set it down on the floor, perhaps near a wall or door.

How to play: Each player takes a turn with their objects, dropping them straight down from eye-level into the container. Some will fall into the container and some may hit the edge and bounce away. Count the number that fell in and that will be that player's score. Pick up your objects. Now it is the next player's turn.

When all are done compare the scores. The player with the highest score is the winner - this time.

Ready to try again?

Storytelling without AND

This makes a good party game for several children at once. Have all the players sit in a circle on the floor. Put some hand-sized objects (like clothespins, or pennies) in the center, but one less object than there are players in the circle.

Choose one player to tell a story. Every time that storyteller uses the word "and" all the players try to grab one of the objects in the center. Each one who gets one object gets a point. The last one left out gets none. Put all the objects back and let the storyteller continue, but listen for the word "and"...! When the story is finished count up the points and see who is the winner.

If you want to play again, get a different player to be the storyteller. Remember, it takes real skill to tell a story without using the word "and."

Guess Who's Knocking

A group can play this game sitting on the floor. The leader, or one player will be IT and sit in front of the others, but with his or her back turned to the group. No other equipment is needed.

How to play: one of the group is secretly chosen to knock and change their voice. That person goes up behind IT and knocks on the floor. IT will ask, "Who is that knocking on my door?"

The player who is knocking, disquises his or her voice to answer, "It is I." IT gets three guesses as to who is knocking. If the guess is wrong, the knocker gets to be IT next. If all the guesses are wrong, someone else sneaks up to knock, and IT must continue to guess.

Have you invented a new indoor game? It should be one that has not been played before, but it must be easy enough for others to play at home, at a party, or at church. A game bought at a store does not count. If you have such an indoor game, please use the contact form, with your parents' permission and help, of course, to send us a description of the game. If we like it, we will add it to this page.

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