a variety of hand-made cards

Making Greeting Cards

trimming wax art for greeting cards

Designing and making greeting cards is lots of fun. It is not just a "busy craft" for kids, but something many adults enjoy doing, too. The longer you work at it, the better your designs can become. Nor do you have to be an artist, or someone who draws well. There are many greeting card ideas that you can do without drawing anything. A good eye for what looks balanced or good-looking is helpful.

The Basics You Need

Your imagination!
Cardstock to fold and dress up
Good scissors, and a desktop papercutter (with a big knife handle) is great if you get to use one
Gluesticks, sometimes a glue gun is necessary too
A good marker or calligraphy pen
Decoration materials, such as wax art, wall paper sample pages, old greeting cards to cut up, bits of ribbon and lace, photos, and many other possible trims.

Making Wax Art Cards

See how to make wax art pieces for greeting cards. Now is when you look them over to see if you recognize faces or animals in the wax art. You may use a pen or sharp pencil to trace the outline and help people to spot them. Sometimes one corner of the art piece spoils it for the rest of the art - but it doesn't have to; just cut that part off and use the rest.

using glue gun to attach artwork

Notice that some have been cut out and used as a border on the bottom of the card; leaves were cut out of one and glued onto a patch of wallpaper. Another has a heart cut out with a pinking shears.

Some of the others looked like well-balanced modern art but needed a little something of a border to help define them, so one has a plain piece of yellow paper under it, which is just a bit bigger than the art, another had a green one, and the third has a blue background under it. The latter two have the framing effect made more modern by tilting the coloured piece in one direction, and then tilting the art piece in the other direction in the center of the coloured piece.

One bright pink piece was cut in an oval, glued down and then dressed up with silver glitter glue drops spaced around it, and a cutout of some flowers from an old used card was put on a little folded spring to hover over the side of the oval the way a flower arrangement might be placed to one side in front of an oval mirror.

variety of cards made

The ones that came out as purple polka dots became three decors, two as triangular pieces, each for a corner of card face, and the stripe that was between them diagonally, became a unique piece diagonally across a card. However, it needed something else, eventually some narrow stripes from a wallpaper sample book, trimmed with a scalloped border scissor.

Textured Wallpaper Greeting Cards

A favourite way to decorate a greeting card is to pick up out of date wallpaper sample books at the wallpaper or home decorating store. If the pattern of the wallpaper makes a nice background, you can cut out flowers or designs from old used cards, or out of the wax art, or perhaps some ribbons and lace to add just a small touch of class to the card.

So much depends on what you, the creator, think makes the card look complete. Do you think it needs some words on the front? Words like, "Happy Birthday" or "Blessings" or "Thank You" or "Thinking of You"? You may print them on with a good marker, or if you are afraid that your handwriting will spoil the effect, you may wish to design the lettering on the computer and print it out on cardstock which you can print and cut out neatly.

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