a small batch of completed wax art cards

How to Make Wax Art
Greeting Cards

Would you like to learn how to make wax art greeting cards? We can do this by simply melting some chunks of wax crayons. Even if you are not artistic, you can produce lovely works of art for making greeting cards. Every piece is unique and impossible to duplicate exactly. Original art every time!

What You Need for Making
the Wax Art Prints

First we must make our wax art pieces, which will go on the greeting cards. For this we need some card stock, like photo paper with a shiny or glossy side. (Ask for cuttings at printing companies).

Next we need broken wax crayon pieces, but if there are children living in your house that's not a problem, is it? Get out your crayons and pick out the broken pieces with the paper peeled off. (Remember not to take someone's crayons without their permission).

Third, you will need to use an element, like that which is used to cook on a stove. I often use a hot plate, which can be plugged in wherever it is convenient to have our craft session. That way we don't have to mess up the kitchen. But if you need to work in a kitchen, ask permission first, and be sure to spread newspapers on the counters so you can easily scoop them up and carry away the mess if you make one.

Lastly, you will need a tin foil pie plate. Explain to your mother that you will not be able to return it for food uses afterwards, so she must be prepared to give it to you. Otherwise, you may have to go buy one first. Just one plate will do, but it doesn't hurt to have an extra one. Check to make sure the plate doesn't have small holes in it, as that would leak the melted was crayons onto the element and you will get a very dangerous fire.

It is also very important that you have an adult supervise and help you with this part of the craft.

Making the Wax Art Prints

melting crayons in the pie plate

Once you know what to do you will notice that these steps can happen very fast.

Step 1 - put the tin foil plate on the element (stove or hot plate), and turn the heat on low.

Step 2 - drop two or at the most three crayons into the pie plate, and watch them melt. It is best to choose colours that contrast well with each other. It is possible to add a bit of a fourth colour, but as the melted crayons mingle the colour will soon turn a muddy brown or black.

laying down the card stock in the melted wax

Step 3 - carefully lay one of the card stock pieces shiny side down in the melted wax crayons. Keep one corner turned up slightly and take care not to put your fingers directly down into the hot wax crayons, as you might burn yourself. It might be best to let your adult supervisor or parent handle this step for you. (If the wax begins to smoke or smell strongly, turn down the heat quickly!)

pulled up wax art print

Step 4 - about as quickly as you put the paper down in the molten wax, you can pick it up again. Turn it over and admire your wax art. Lay it aside on some newpaper or protective coverings. Sometimes the wax will drip off the edges for a few seconds. But in a minute or so the wax will be cool again, and harden on the cardstock.

You can keep on making more wax art prints until you run out of card stock or get tired of it.

Tips for Better Wax Art

Sometimes tilting the pie plate this way and that can cause the colours to mix in a nice contrast so that you get vivid prints.

adding another colour

You can also point another crayon into the plate and melt some into the mix and control how much of that colour is added.

When the wax seem to be nearly used up, you can keep pulling off more art pieces, but the design will be more like light bubbles or dots of colour on the card stock.

You can also turn or swirl the cardstock a bit before you pick it up, and that will give you a design with some circular movement in it.

a spread of wax art prints from one session

Before you change to other colours for someone else who is having a turn at this, use a wad of paper toweling or newpaper to sop up what's left of the previous colours' wax. The plate doesn't have to be perfectly clean, just have the melted wax wiped out.

Make Greeting Cards with
Your Wax Art Prints

It is in making greeting cards with your wax art prints that your creativity can shine. You need to look over the pieces of wax art and decide what you see in it, or how you think it should be trimmed or decorated and glued to the front of a folded piece of card stock to make your greeting card.

Do you spy an animal or shape in the wax? Accent it with a sharp pen or pointed object, by drawing the outline more clearly, or cut it out according to that shape.

Now you will want to click here to go to the page on turning your wax art into greeting cards. There will be some other types of cards you may want to try.

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