Flower-making Craft

With Crochet Cotton

make a lovely poster or picture with dainty flowers made of coloured crochet cotton threads.

There are many ways to use this craft skill once you have learned to make these pretty and simply little flowers. You can put them on a poster like this.

Or you can glue them onto greeting cards like these.

make greeting cards like these with the delicate string-art flowers

You will need:

crochet cottons or colored threads to make these wind and pop-off flowers

Any colour of cotton thread. Crochet cotton works great. Choose one or more colours for the flowers and some green for the leaves.

A pair of scissors, and a darning needle, or at least one with a big enough eye.

You will also need a star pattern (or two, for different sizes) cut out of plastic. A spare lid from a plastic food container in the kitchen will do fine. This star pattern is your main tool for making these flowers. After a while you will be able to pop off a flower from the star in a few minutes.

How to make your Star Pattern

draw a circle on a piece of paper

Take a scrap of paper, even a used envelope will do, and trace a circle on it. Maybe a roll of tape, or a glass or tumbler from the kitchen? It doesn't have to be coloured.

cut out the circle and fold in half and again in half, and again

Now cut out the circle and fold it in half, and then fold in half again, and again.

cut a V in between the thick folded sides.

Next, take a scissor and cut out a deep V between the folded sides, while the circle still all folded up.

spread out the folded paper - there is your pattern!

Spread out your folded paper, and there is your star pattern! But you want it out of firmer material that will bend but will last for many flowers.

trace your pattern on a plastic lid

So now you must find a spare plastic lid that can be given up in the kitchen. Find a pen that will write on plastic (not all do), and trace your star on the plastic. Then use the scissor to cut it out. If you place your first pattern carefully to one side, you can usually get a second star cut out of the same lid for a friend.

Winding and Knotting Flowers

to start winding the crochet cotton flower

This is where the more tricky finger work comes in. Be patient with yourself. Don't give up, now! Choose the crochet cotton with the colour you want for your flower. Lay the end down across the plastic star pattern. Hold that end in place with your spare thumb.

now you wind in a Z fashion, behind a point, down across, and under the other point...

Using the hand you favour most, wind the cotton thread around behind the point to the right, then down again, and behind the point to the left, then up again. Keep repeating until you have gone around the star several times and the number of layers of thread seem to look good enough to you.

Continue winding under the points, down across the front, etc

Continue winding - starting at the top - behind the top point, straight down, behind the point to the left, then straight up again. Repeat.

If all goes well, your flower looks like this at this stage.

Your flower should look like this at this stage. The front should only have straight lines criss-crossing at the center. The back should only have threads/strings going across the back of the points. But it is time to start the next step.

Knotting the Flower's Center

with a good length of yellow cotton in a darning needle

With a good length of yellow or gold (or white) crochet cotton in your needle, (and if it is extra long, you can knot several flowers before you have to bother threading the needle again) - you push the needle up under the center pile-up of crossing threads. Pull it out at the top, but be careful to leave the tail end over the tail end of the coloured cotton for the flower. Put your spare thumb on those threads to keep them in place.

move over one section and push the needle up under the center pile up again, and out the top.

Now you must go around and repeat this: push the needle up from below, under the pile-up of thread in the center, and up through the top. Move over one section to the left, and do it again; move another section over and do it again. After about 2 or 3 of these, the ends will be okay, and you no longer have to hold them down with your thumb.

You'll notice that a small yellow crown is forming around the center area, and all the flower petals are being held together by this golden center. Continue working your way around until you have gone through all eight sections. If you have pulled the thread tight each time, your knot should be well able to hold your flower together.

Now just bend the points and pop the petals off the star

With a scissor, snip off the threads closer to that center knot. Do that with the yellow thread in the needle, and also the last end of the one used to make the loops for the petals.

You have made one daisy or flower for your craft project!

There! You have made one daisy or flower for your craft project! Congratulations!

Now we must make some feathery green leaves.

Making Green Leaves for the Flowers

To make the green leaves spread out some folded lengths of green thread

Making the greenery for the flowers is a bit different. It takes a bit of practice, but it shouldn't be much harder than tying a shoe lace. Spread out some of the green thread or crochet cotton, about 6 to 8 or 9 inches in length.

fold some lengths of the green cotton back and forth

It depends a lot on whether you like it to look very loose and feathery like an artist's soft swirls, or closer and like layered green leaves. But don't cut the lengths. Just fold them back and go back and forth a few times.

forming those loops and pinching them together

Three or four, maybe five lengths, should do it. Then you must gather them up as one and pretend you are tying a bow in the air. Keeping the first inch or two under your fingers, bend the next section into a loop and pinch between your thumb and fingers. Now bring the rest of the length around and pull through. (I sometimes have to practice a few times when I've been away from this).

pulling the third loop through

Here's the hardest part - pulling the third loop through. Gently snug the knot tighter so the bow won't fall apart. However, it is not a shoe you are tying, so it can be somewhat loose.

there. a swirly background of three leaves

There! We made it! A swirly, artsy-looking triad of leaves that give a hint of greenery but don't distract from the delicate flowers.

Arranging Our Flowers and Leaves

our flower is to be glued down over the leaves

Our flower is to be glued down over the leaves with a glue stick. That is, if it is to go on a paper poster or a greeting card. (This method can be used to make larger flowers, and glue them down with a glue gun or tack them in place with tacks if doing them on a larger scale with materials that can stand other situations.).

glue a spot on the poster and stick the leaves and flowers there

In this case we can make two flowers with leaves, and glue them on a poster with a Bible verse. Yet another craft might be to make a nice frame for this.

Remember, you can adapt your new knowledge - and if you practice, use your new skill for many other craft projects!

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