3-D Shepherd Diorama

You can make your own 3-D Shepherd scene. Arrange as many sheep and shepherds as you wish on a paper plate, or a soft green cloth, to remind you that Jesus is your tender, caring Shepherd, too.

If you like to play outside, you might also want to build a sheep-fold of stones piled to make a small walled pen. You won't have to make a door, because the shepherd always lies down in the doorway to watch and protect his sheep.

Simply print and photocopy the figures on this PDF page (and enlarge them if you wish), then cut them out, lay them on stiff cardboard, such as a cereal box. Trace around them and cut out the stiff copy, too.

Now you can glue the thin paper pattern figures onto the cardboard figures. Or, if you wish, you could cover the figures with coloured tinfoil paper.

When you bend the bottom part underneath and make a sharp fold, your figures will be able to stand up on your table or dresser.

Again, here is the link to click for the 3D-ShepherdDiorama-cutout-fgures.pdf for this craft.

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